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Hawaii Puts All Gun Owners in List

Hawaii could be first state to put gun owners in federal database | Fox News
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The "death by 1,000 cuts" begins.....
I'm sure Five-0 is happy.
And California is enacting laws that you have to do a NICS check TO BUY AMMO....as well as a couple other laws.
To be followed by similar FED.GOV action soon, no doubt .... "it's for the children."

Time to buy yet more ammo.................................

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Yet ANOTHER reason to NOT go to HI.

I'm "sick to death" of NOSEY, INTRUSIVE, busybodies (IN & OUT of government) , "do-gooders"& "public nannies", who evidently don't have enough personal affairs to "tend to" so they tend to everyone else's personal affairs.

yours, sw
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It will be interesting to see if citizens put up with this!

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