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Does Wenig still make M14 stocks?

I've seen a number of stocks from DGR made by Wenig for the Garand and M1 Carbine but nothing for the M1a/M14.

If Wenig does make them for the M1a will the stock require fitting or is it a 100% drop-in?

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DGR is now working with Wenig to make a M1A stock without the cutout......
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Originally Posted by HighPowerShooter
DGR is now working with Wenig to make a M1A stock without the cutout......

I've had one on my M1A for more than 6 months...WTO fit...

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Old 10-28-2004, 09:26 PM   #4
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I spoke with Dean (DGR) a few months ago about the Wenig M14 stocks.
The standard Wenig M14 stock has a heavy profile like the Boyds and Dean wants the slim profile like the Garand stocks he's currently offering. I already have the gun and the cash stashed for when he's ready.
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Wenig/DGR M1A stocks

On Monday we will be shipping a sample M1A stock set back to Wenig with what I feel is the final touches. When removing the selector cut, Wenig failed to allow for the connector lock pin. That has been corrected along with asking Fred to cut 1/32" off the front of the stock. His cut right now matches military issue, but I wanted it shortened to allow slight clearance to the front band.

The wood hand guard has been another challange, but I think we have that worked out also. It will be a little thicker then the original military wood hand guards, but that is needed to keep them from cracking.

I found the fit to be very good; the receiver into the stock and a tight trigger group. These stocks are going to need some final fitting, but that is better then a loose "drop in".

This has been a long ordeal, but fun. I am starting to get excited! We expect to have these stocks ready by mid December, offer them in standard grade walnut, Bastogne Hybrid walnut, extra fancy walnut and maple.

Thanks, Dean
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Now,,,,,,,,,,where did I stash that rifle

good luck Dean. Thanks
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M1A stocks & hand guard

We have completed them and we are taking orders now.

DGR-Dean's Gun Restorations
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