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hi standard lever are all lever bbl created equal

With any luck I might be able to find a long barrel for my high standard LEVER supermatic. I get the idea that luck isn't going to play into this tho. Someone once told that it is better to ask questions than to spend money and find out you should have ask a stupid question. Here goes and yes I already no I can't spell for sh$%. Are all lever barrels created equal. Meaning: I have a supermatic lever and I see other high standard pistols also lever being auctioned off with 2 barrels that often never get a bid. Now just today I seen a sport king lever go off to where ever pistols go that get no bid. Probably pistol heaven and I got this light bulb moment I I have been looking for one off these high standards for about a year now but the prices are pretty goofy. In that time I have seen them come and go. Some just keep getting reposted. You can tell ussualy when no one is going to bid on them. There either beat to hell or they want unreasonable prices. Any way lol I am rambling again I was going to drop this sport king guy/ gal a note and offer to buy there 2nd barrel. At least there bringing some money. Will that sport king barrel fit my supermatic. Both are lever barrels. Thanks for puing up with a lot of bull to get to the point. I am taking care of my father who is a blind and bed ridden WW11 vet and some time I lack that like minded conversation. Don't take that wrong he is a great guy. I would and do, ANYTHING for him
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The thing to look for is how the barrel and slide relate to one another. Most lever takedowns have a shoulder at the chamber end that mates with a cutout in the slide.

That design didn't last too long and they changed to a flat surface on both barrel and slide. Usually these are found with the small button takedown.

Chances are the gun with two barrels will have both numbered to the gun so the seller probably wouldn't want to split them up.

I've tried a few and they "should" be interchangeable but no guarantee.
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Again charlie you are indeed appriceated. Thank you for your help.
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