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Locking up in NYC? (Gun safe)

Hey everyone, this forum seems like a knowledgeable bunch of folks, so I wanted to ask you all about storage and safes to keep your weapons in. How do you decide what kind of storage you want to use? How much money should I pay for a gun safe?

Let me give a bit of background information. I'm not what some liberals would call a “gun nut” - although I have nothing against firearms enthusiasts at all. In fact, it was the recent uptick of crime and attacks in my area that finally made me “bite the bullet” and purchase myslef a Glock. It isn't anything fancy or rare, but I have to admit that it is a fine, functional thing – holds good, shoots good. I like it. Anyway, I realized that if the Obama administration gets their way, it might become much harder for me to protect myself and my family. So I did it now.

The thing is, I've got some valuables in my home that I want to secure, and I don't think a handgun safe is going to cut it. So I was thinking of getting a bigger, proper safe. Work requires me to travel a lot, and I'm going to be in New York City next week. Since I have a sturdy, strong truck I figured that I might as well buy a safe there – in such a big city, people will definitely want to lock up their valuables and the competition should be pretty high between locksmiths and safe retailers. Overall it should provide a good deal, you know? After a Google search I found a place called Precision Lock and Safe, which seems quite legitimate and reputable. Your input would be much appreciated, though.

Since I have very little knowledge of and experience with safes, I thought maybe asking people here would be a good idea before going and purchasing something that might set me back several thousand dollars. Should I get a safe with a keypad or a dial? I need to store paper documents that have both financial, sentimental, and legal value – I'm assuming that I should invest extra on a fireproof safe? Our family home is pretty small, so I'd have to buy a pretty compact safe, too, but I definitely don't want one that could be carried away... Maybe it would be best to install a wall safe?

Anyway, thanks for reading this loooong text, I didn't mean to make it so long. Any and all advice will be appreciated!
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Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your purchase. Not to be trite, but make sure you have some good training with your Glock, and get to know it intimately. Take it apart, put it back together, and remember: even after you drop the mag...there's one in the chamber. Even if you think there isn't, there is. Get to know the Four Rules of gun safety*, and live by them.

Personally, I'd say NYC is the absolute last place on earth I'd purchase a safe. The cost of doing business in the city is huge, and you're going to pay a premium to cover the shop's overhead, not to mention punishing sales tax.

If you've got a Costco anywhere near you (and even if you don't), consider joining. The up-front membership fee will pay for itself in the savings you'll realize on some really nice safes. Also, the price at Costco includes delivery to your driveway, which is huge.


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Welcome. I agree with much of what Captain Gyro said. I'll add the following: papers of all types would probably be much better off in a safety deposit box. The bank spent a slew of money on the vault, alarms systems, fire systems etc.

I'm old school, I prefer dials over electronic gizmos. I'm not real sure what happens with keypads if/when the battery dies. I'd definately go fireproof on a home safe. Some gents on another forum suggested that if it's in a basement, that the safe be 18-24 inches above the floor (if you have a house fire, the local FD is going to pump many, many gallons of water into/onto your home. Guess where it's going to end up.

The issue with a wall safe is that a determined burglar is simply going to rip it out of the wall. Whatever safe you do get needs to be securely bolted to a sturdy floor and/or wall. If your safe is fireproof, you need to talk to the safe manufacturer to see how to do this without destroying the fire rating of your safe.

Good luck. Oh yeah, if you live in a small town, you definately don't want to buy from the locals. Someone will run their mouth and the local up-to-no-good types will realize you have something valuable. Large sporting goods stores, Tractor Supply and others stock safes. Shop wisely and make good use of internet websites for information.

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Originally Posted by CaptainGyro View Post
and remember: even after you drop the mag...there's one in the chamber. Even if you think there isn't, there is.
A long time ago someone posted pictures of their hand after twenty thousand dollars of reconstructive surgery to repair the damage caused by not clearing the chamber of their Glock before disassembly. The pictures were disturbing because I've watched many people cover a hand with the muzzle while taking down a Glock. Those pictures might be over at TGZ but I don't have time to go looking for them. So AMEN to what the Captain said.
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Costco - known locally as the "two hundred dollar store"...

But lunch is always free.
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Welcome aboard. Just reiterating what someone has already said be sure that whatever safe you get is securely bolted down. The weight of a safe alone might lead you to think no one would haul it off but it's amazing how someone who is too lazy to do an honest day's work suddenly develops a "work ethic" when it comes time to take what doesn't belong to them.
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