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New chronograph system coming out soon

I just heard that there is a new type of high tech chronograph coming out in January at the SHOT Show. Its called LabRadar. As it sounds its works off of Doppler radar and actually tracks your bullets to the target and can give you velocities at virtually any distance from muzzle to target. It works with all projectiles, even arrows. It is not dependant on light conditions or anything else that plagues normal chronographs. Keep watching for their website, Located Here it should be up soon.
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Something like that has been around in military use for some time, but I wonder how much this one will cost...
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If you have to ask .............................................
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OP sounds like he's working for the company?
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Does doesn't it.

I'm pretty sure I'm not a buyer… but curious
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Remote sensing the base of a small arms projectile is not trivial. If it were easy we would have seen bench top radar and laser chronographs in the nineties.
There's lots of backscatter from all the stationary objects downrange that make accurately detecting the projectile very difficult.

The site in OP's link has the following:
My site is launching soon.
I smell vaporware.

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As I recall from PS back in the 60s Wallops Island used to calibrate their tracking radar by tracking a .22 LR round.

If they could do that then and MB and Lexus can put reliable radar into the front end of a car...well maybe.

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Here's an update from this year's SHOT show, including a nifty video:

No More Chronograph? Labradar is Personal Doppler Radar That Does Much More
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So we are getting V's downrange at target? Albeit easier how useful is downrange as opposed to bench?Looks good and all if all the bugs have been worked out but the price difference makes me ask is it worth it.I have never chronographed my loads always relied on the data supplied but what is a reliable % difference in loads?On an engine if your highest cylinder is 150psi then the rest best be within 10% for acceptability meaning the lowest comes in no less than 135psi.In the video I just saw about 5%.
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This was deja vu all over again. Then I saw my post from over a year ago. It must be a glitch in the matrix.
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