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Not a Gun, But...

Take a look at this.

Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit |

Can you say Starship Troopers?

Wonder if the technology is really there.
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I think they've been reading too much Tom Clancy
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R.A. Heinlein's Starship Trooper. Marauder or Scout suit. The problem has always been where do you get the power?
Who bets on a matter annihilation reactor, the size of a PRC-24.
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"Dead or alive you're coming with me."

Maybe more Heinlein than Robocop. I can't say the idea doesn't come to mind with the Afghan and Iraq wars and the injuries to the extremities that many suffered.
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Nevermind the practicality, think of the R&D money that someone could get!

Possibly someone read Haldeman's The Forever War for technical details. IIRC, he kinda built on the Heinlein battle suit, although neither of them are the only authors who employed powered personal armor.

Least they aren't talking about duplicating the fictional Spartan or Cobra type body augmentation implants. But are they wondering........................?
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