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Crash -CAF- 07-02-2007 08:08 AM

Scope Ring Lapping - 34mm
I've recently ordered a Schmidt-Bender scope that has a 34mm tube. The ring lapping kit I have is for 30mm rings and I can only find 30mm and 1" kits at places like Midway, Brownell's, etc. Does anyone know where to find a lapping kit for 34mm scope rings?

Bravo762 07-02-2007 10:57 AM

Howdy Crash! Good to hear from you again!

Here's the deal on your S&B (you lucky dawg - I'm saving my pennies for a PMII as we speak!) - you're probably putting Badgers on there anyway, eh?

Marty doesn't recommend lapping. It sure messes with my head, as I'm used to lapping EVERYTHING. But I switched rings on Betty Lou about a month ago, and went to Badgers. Didn't lap 'em. She did equisitely though, so I'm not complaining. HOWEVER, I was using a 'cheap' Leupy Mk4 M3, nothing nearly as expensive as what you've got.

You know what though? I'm sure it'd be QED (and moderately cheap) to have a local machinist turn you a bar and then thread it for the handle from the Sinclair lapping bar.

Personally, I've never seen a lapping bar for anything that big.

Crash -CAF- 07-02-2007 11:51 AM

Hey Bravo!

I figured you'd be among the first to have some good info for me and, as always, you never disappoint. LOL! This scope's going on the DMR stick Geoff built for me a few years ago, with an old-style ARMS mount already installed on the receiver. With all the twisting & turning it took to get it mounted and pointing straight forward, I'd really think lapping the rings would be a good idea. I've considered changing to a Smith mount, but the ARMS has always been rock solid so I'd like to leave it there and avoid installing another mount.

You guessed right - Badger rings, which will be here tomorrow along with a couple other things. The scope is the PMII 4-16x42 illuminated. I went with the P4 mil-dot, mainly for the visibility in the bottom of the reticle, sans that big black bar. It was a birthday present to myself and should be here in a week or so...

Hey, not to get off-topic, but how have you made out with the 178gr A-max bullets?

Bravo762 07-02-2007 01:16 PM

Howdy Crash!

I've still got the pics of that DMR Geoff built for you, she sure is pretty! I should mention that these sticks are DARLINGS. At the course I just got back from, mine was the 'fondle' queen ;-) Bunches of folks wanted to play with her, and the instructors chose her to have their pics taken with (GRIN). Ain't nothin' like a '14!

On the ARMS mount, this is the same one we went through a while back? If so, I think you're GOOD TO GO. Here's the deal though.... the pressures you're putting on that main rail aren't anything to talk about when it comes to deformation. At least it wasn't in my case, and I have a difficult time believing that the main bolt (the one that pops the threads off when overtorqued) would stand up to any kind of serious shear strain. At least that's what I told myself when I torqued the new Badgers down (unlapped) on my scope.

Like you, I don't prefer the ARMS, but it's de-bugged so I'm keeping it LOL!

You got the EXACT scope I'm saving up for. Still trying to decide which reticle, but probably go with their 2nd gen just to snub my nose at Leupy. BTW, those heavy bars are GREAT for working with movers - when the target centers on the black the stopwatch starts and stops when it hits the the other black bar. 10 mils of travel.

On the AMAX bullets, I think they have PLENTY of potential. I kind of had to back off of my R&D on them for a while, 'cause of the time pressure of the course, but I'll be back on them soon. The only reason I see for not using them just off the cuff would be that I couldn't pack enough powder in the casing to get them to velocity while keeping the 2.820" OAL. They ARE that much longer than a 175 SMK.

Hope that helps!

Crash -CAF- 07-02-2007 02:20 PM


I like the idea of the A-max bullets so I can use them for both LR shooting and hunting. I've been using the 168gr Barnes Triple-Shock X bullets for hunting and they've been excellent, but replacing both the TSX and SMK bullets with just one would be ideal.

Being an all-copper bullet, the 168gr TSX is also considerably longer than the 175gr SMKs and I was able to stuff 44.0gr of Varget into the shell with an OAL of 2.800. I don't have a Barnes bullet handy to measure how long it is, but that might give you an idea as to load capacity with the A-max bullets.

Very cool on your stick being the class favorite. They're like German Shepherds - strong, hard working, good looking and utterly reliable. ;)

Crash -CAF- 09-23-2007 07:33 AM

Just to follow up on this thread, I installed the Badger rings on the rifle and then inserted the alignment bars from the lapping kit. They were perfect so I didn't bother lapping a thing. When I installed the S&B scope and put the laser boresighter on it, the windage was spot on and I just had to give it a little elevation change to get on the mark. I'm hoping to get her sighted in next week...



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