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RMHendry 12-12-2005 08:42 AM

Matching Birch and Walnut
Recently purchased a Field Grade Garand from the CMP that has a nice walnut stock and rear handgaurd, and a birch or beech front handgaurd. Not sure which it is, but it has what look like freckles throughout the wood.
My question is, will the different type of wood stain like the walnut? I am doubting that it will be the exact color, but can I get the lighter wood close to matching by putting a few more coats of stain/oil on it. Thanks for any advice.

Maxamillion 12-14-2005 08:45 PM

Sounds like a beech front handguard to me.

I would just buy a new or used walnut handguard and sell the beech on e-bay. Beech guards are hard to come by and should get you a decent price.

Beech is just hard to match and a beech stock to walnut handguards just never looked right to me--although your situation is just the opposite.

I have done a number of beech and no matter what I do, it's not walnut and will never look as good IMHO.

Now a all birch, or all walnut, or even (augh) all beech will come out great. But mix and match will make nothing but frustration

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