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Rowdyraven 12-11-2005 08:22 PM

Colt Vest Pocket .25 question
I have a Colt Vest Pocket .25 that is in good shape purchased from a recent gun show. We tried firing it the other day and it took about 4-5 hits from the firing pin to get a round to go off. The primer would show an indentation but it would not fire with out repeated hits from the firing pin. I am thinking that a new firing pin would be in order???

Now the next issue. When it did fire about half of the cases stovepiped. So I figure a new recoil spring is also in order???

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also any source for new springs would be great.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!

Charlie Petty 12-12-2005 06:19 AM

Did you clean it first?

With guns that old gummy old oil can slow things down enough to cause all the symptoms you desribe.

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