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Iceman 11-11-2005 12:05 AM

Remington Model 35 assembly Question
Oh boy--can any of you gunsmith experts help me with this one?

I received a Remington automatic Model 35 (circa 1902-built on a Browning patent) from my father-in-law. He had it field stripped for refinishing and cleanup (Which it DESPERATELY needed!). However, I can't find any references as to how to reassemble the barrel with the springs and retainers.

Does anyone know if there are ANY schematic illustrations available for this weapon, or if a manual is available for this rifle? (No luck on the Remington web site…)

Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks!

Iceman 11-11-2005 12:33 AM

Sorry....I screwed up on the rifle description. It's a Remingon Model 8, not a model 35...

And I'll be darned if I can find a schematic for the thing anywhere on the net...


Iceman 11-12-2005 06:31 PM

DUH! Disregard the responses! I am an idiot! I found a Model 8/81 gunsmithing manual on eBay for $9.00.

Now, if anyone needs a copy let me know....


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