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Vendor Defendor 07-26-2004 05:41 PM

M84 Sniper scope
I have the oppurtunity to pick one up for pretty cheap (I think), and I want to put it on an '03. But I had a couple questions before I got it.

Is this a good scope? Was the M84 ever issued on '03s as a scope? Could it be used with a S&K insta-mount? And what is a good price to pay for one?

I think thats all the questions I have for now, if not I'll make sure to post them up.

Thank you very much!

vf1000ride 07-26-2004 06:04 PM

If your looking for a vintage original scope your doing good. They aren't exactly the best scopes ever made though. They are a fixed 2.2 power with no focus or paralax adjustments. The elevation turret is calibrated in yards for the M2 ball round. Running from 0-900 yards. The windage adjustment is in MOA and allows for 20 minutes of windage left or right. I paid $475 for mine and I have seen them go for as high as $700 new unopened. They use a 7/8 inch ring size. Sarco's website claims they where mounted to the 1903A4 rifles along with a couple others. Here is a link to their page with a tad more info on the scopes and a replacement parts list of the pieces they sell.

john williams 08-06-2004 03:14 AM

M84 sniper scope
As ride says above, the M84 was a fine scope for its time.I have used M81,M82,M84 since the '50's when assigned one in theUSMC, and have seen them on "03's, but most often on M1D's--My M1C at the time, was a USMC 1952 re-build, which had the Stith-Kollmorgen (larger tube scope)--a few things to keep in mind are that they have long eye relief, and 7/8 " rings, as ride said. To mount on an 03 wiuld require drilling and tapping the receiver.As stated in another post, I don't remember if they were Nitrogen charged. HTH

Semper Fi !!

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