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M-1 Rear Sight Install Help Requested

Hello Folks!
Here I am, doing a dumb thing and attempting to install a NM rear sight (non-lockbar) on my newly rebarreled HRA. Anyone have any secrets on the easy way to do it? Seems if I have the cover lip in place, it pushes the pinion out of line and makes it difficult to get the pinion started and lined up. As with most M-1 stuff, there is probably an easy simple way to get the sucker to slide together, I just don't know the secret. If it doesn't snap together on one of these like it was meant to be, I usually ask for help. The majority of the gun can be put together by feel only. Don't know about the rear sight, but I doubt that I am supposed to hammer the spring cover in place after tightening the pinion
Thanks for the assist!
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for regular T105 sights:

assemble spring cover on base

insert rear bottom edge of spring cover in slot in receiver.

use thumb to snap front edge of spring cover in appropriate slot.

insert aperture

insert ele pinion

align index marks 2 to the left of center

insert windage knob.

make sure pinion is aligned and fully inserted and ready to b threading, verify alignment 2 lines to left

thread windage knob into base

tighten captive nut on pinion threads
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Installing Rear Sight M-1 GARAND

I owe you a big one! I have printed your instructions and put in my Garand book and also forwarded to my shooting buddy who couldn't get his sights on either. THANKS
The second line got me, since I had neglected to install the rearmost part of the clip in the slot. I never even saw it until your instructions got me to looking. I used a feeler gauge up front to slide the stiff spring into the forward slot, and the rest was cake. Everything I have done to these rifles is EASY when done correctly. Any time I find myself forcing something, I stop and compare rifles, get out the books, or more likely, hit the forums. Your instructions were a fine example of how to do it right. Mr. Garand had his act together every day, and it shows.
Now I have National Match sights that work, to go with my new barrel I installed and headspaced yesterday. All because of the selfless publication of instruction by folks like yourself. Time to SHOOT :P
Thank you.........Kerry
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Kerry, also you have to have the right sight-base. The NM sightbase is notched in a half-moon for the hooded sight. Further, make sure you file down the toe on the bottom so the sight will go down all the way( Looking at the aperature,bottom side front of the gear, start at the first cog and file it to meet the bottom of the sight)
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