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Rifle project help

I have an extra Rem 700 LH, LA laying around.

Eventually I want to put a new tube on it but the choices are overwhelming. This will be a hunting rifle with paper punching for fun not profit. I do like to shoot tiny, little groups though...
I will probably stick with 3006, it fits my needs for now.

Button or cut rifling, Shilen, Hart, Pac-Nor, Lilja, Krieger...the list seems endless. On top of that, some of the barrel makers info contradict each other. (like any other business)
What are the pros & cons of the above?

Is it being a lefty action going to be an impedimnet as far as anyone knows?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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Rifle barrels like to make liars of guys who think they know a bunch...

I have never seen any kind of objective evidence to say conclusively that one rifling method is truly superior to another. If you ask a bunch of good gunsmiths you'd probably find one who prefers any of the makes you mentioned and I personally have seen equal accuracy from both cut and button rifled barrels in identical calibers.

There is a certain element of black art in making any barrel but more of the good barrels are button rifled because the process is faster.

With the Remington action there won't be any difference between right and left. That would not be the case on a rifle with a claw extractor since there needs to be a clearance cut in the barrel
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when you get into benchrest level accuracy, then the rifling method will make a difference. but a small one....

you won't go wrong with any of the big names. Pac-nor, Lothar Walther, Shilen, Douglas, Obermeyer, Krieger, etc.

Shilen's best is supposed to be a very very good barel for the money, but it's SS.
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Old 09-06-2005, 09:57 AM   #4
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Thanks fellas!
The only thing I have to figure out now is how much this project is going to cost me. Aw, what the hey, it's only money and I don't have any '20 to life sentences' aka, kids.
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The method of rifling is less important than the effort that goes into it. Even (boo-hiss) hammer forged barrels can turn in tiny groups when made right. Lapping of the barrel is very important also.

All that can be completely wasted if you have a smith cut the chamber off center. For my "best" guns, I always had them barreled at the barrel manufacturer and I've never regretted that. For my knock around guns, I barrel them myself.

My old Shilen DGA benchrest gun wore a Shilen barrel as well and it's the best shooting gun I've ever shot, but I've also been beat by guns wearing a wide array of other barrels. I have had several sporters with Douglas barrels that were downright excellent.

Like the other guys said, stick with the "name" makers of barrels and you'll do fine...They didn't become famous names by doing their customers wrong.
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Old 11-09-2005, 03:10 PM   #6
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An excellent quality air gauged button rifled barrel can shoot right alongside an excellent quality single point cut rifling barrel.BUT,the barrel with the single point cut rifling will retain it's accuracy longer.For your project i'd go with either a Krieger http://www.kriegerbarrels.com/RapidC...CompanyId=1246
or a Mike Rock http://www.rockcreekbarrels.com/
and just say no to stainless if you plan on going out in extreme cold..
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