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Night Vision

I have just moved to a new area, I happen to live in the middle of farm country, not a very safe one unfortunately. My property has a five foot wall on three sides, ranging about 50-80 yards from my bedroom window in the 2nd story.
I am trying to find a budget-friendly Night Vision Device, simply to be able to quickly monitor the dividers on my property, in order to identify intruders from cat-size rats or racoons.
I searched online for a while, looks like for $200 you can get a monocular (1st Gen) that would give me 75 yards of clear view on a cloudy night. This so far seemed to be the best buy out there (without going to the stereo 3rd Gen NV Binoculars, or the current USMC issue for $4000).
Any suggestions or comments? Which ones do you use? Do they work ok for this type of work?... Again, my goal is to spot a 6' person climbing over my fence at 2 AM, in near complete darkness, (night sky) at about 40-80 yards from my 2nd story window.
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I have a cheap monocular. it is an interesting gadget but a useless tool.

my understanding is that you need Gen II or better to really benefit from it.
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I have a Gen 1 monocular that I bought several years ago when the prices dropped to below $150 (at Wally World). It is marginally useful for the purpose I bought it for: Spotting auto burglars and prowlers while on patrol (takes too long to get it out of the breifcase and turned on, plus there is generally enough environmental light to make it unneccessary). I use it much more for when I am camping. It would work very well for the purpose you have described. It is an expensive toy, not the work tool I had envisioned when I bought it. Unless I had a specific scenario exactly like you have described, I wouldn't buy it today.
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Old 06-21-2005, 12:26 PM   #4
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This is on my wish list for my AK;
They can be had for a little less money elsewhere though.

Seems like a decent scope, and runs on two AA batteries.

Why not just get a night vision scope for your rifle?
It's more money, but it would let you POT a 6' person comming over your wall, not just SPOT them!

Not that you could leagally do such a thing, but if the S ever HTF you'll wish you had it....
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We do have an online store here!

Check it out!
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I got a NV monocular for xmas when i was a kid (14 yrs old, 9 years ago) and it was certainly a fun toy. Lately Ive been wanting to get it out and play with it again, but I really would like to upgrade the lense. Its a screw on type with a locking ring anyone know where I might find one? Its russian manufacture, commercialy produced. Would a camera shop have a high power lense for it you think? google and ebay searches have been fruitless so far.

It is this model exactly, but another brand name on it. Amazing how the price has dropped on these things. ... ctID=73212
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