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M118LR 05-15-2019 06:40 PM

Mk3 love
Just watched the Forged in Fire MK3 episode.
Thank You OKC. :thumbsup:

Snake45 05-16-2019 02:58 AM

First time I've ever seen all three blades fail Round 2. I was kinda surprised their final swords held up and performed as well as they did.

M118LR 05-20-2019 12:18 PM

Guess it is more difficult to reproduce an inexpensive Government Issued Blade than folks think? :confused:

WaltGraham 05-20-2019 04:32 PM

Steel can be tricky.

M118LR 05-22-2019 03:09 PM

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Originally Posted by WaltGraham (Post 612432)
Steel can be tricky.

The grip/handle is the best part of the MK3. The stainless steel of the blade might well be the most impervious metal to salt water ever made, but you will spend a lifetime attempting to maintain a working edge and even longer attempting to give one a razor edge. Just my experience. ;)

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