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I always thought the KBar was an outstanding general purpose military knife. I had one for nearly 30 years (Ontario). I picked it up at an Air Force PX just before shipping out to Ft. Sherman. I absolutely LOVED that knife. I gave it to a cousin of mine (Marine) as he was shipping out to Iraq. Told him he HAD to bring it back...That way, he comes back. I told him to keep it.

The old original Air Force survival knife is a very good knife. Yeah the serrated "saw" is absolutely worthless, but the rest of the knife is first rate. They hold an edge very well, blade is thick so it won't bend. Leather handle is just perfect for anything I would ever want it for, and the big nut pommel is awesome.

Recently Ontario won the bid for the "new" Air Force survival knife, and I think they came up with a good update on the Air Force survival knife...the "ASEK Survival Knife System. Unfortunately the new one is prices at over 3x the price of the old one, and it's not 3x better than the old one. In fact, it's only about 10-15% better in my opinion. Still, a very good knife in the field.

I think the fact that the biggest names in the business could only come up with a knife that's a "little better" than the original, speaks volumes to just how good the original knife is.
For me personally, if I were choosing between the original and the new one, I would probably go with the original. Mostly because I very much dislike serrated blades, and the old one has a plain blade for the entire length. And while the rubber coating/insulating is nice and makes sense as protection from electrical shock, I very much prefer the feel of the leather handle.

I also like M16 bayonets as a survival knife. They are made of very high grade steel, the blade is very thick, and the pommel is a good hammer. Whether it be the new style M9 or the old M7; they both make a good survival and general field knife.
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To All,

After my RALPH BONE was stolen, I put together a survival knife using a Korean War-era carbine (unassembled/NOS) bayonet blade by ONTARIO (that I bought for 5 bucks at the Atlanta Gun-show) & a homemade brass guard/mesquite grip/epoxy resin.
(I carried it in a standard carbine bayonet sheath, when I was in Latin America.)

NOT a "perfect survival knife" by any means but OK for utility use "out in the bush".

Note: Since we were working for the OAS, our lads had all sorts of "non standard gear": Israeli boots, RVN "slant pocket fatigues", Model of 1917 S&W/Colt's revolvers, WWII Colt Commandos, BHP pistols, various versions of the carbine, AK rifles & I had a "sawed-off" Model 37 Ithaca shotgun.
(One "non-uniformed" guy, whom I was never sure who employed him, had a British Sterling SMG. = MAYBE an employee of "a sometimes reliable government agency"??)

yours, sw

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It seems incredulous that the last fixed blade USMC issue should be the OKC 3 Bayonet.
OKC 3S Bayonet - Tactical - Fixed Blades
Sort of an Carbon MK2 when drawn from a sheath, and a Bayonet when attached to an AR.

The ASEK didn't address the salt water exposure troubles to the rat tang, but everything seems to be throw away/consumable items on "Today's Battlefields." Yet the Load Weight on Warriors still seems to be increasing? JMHO.
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