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Slip Cases

I'd like feedback please!

What are your thoughts and opinions regarding the use of a slip case to protect your pocket knives from the keys, change and other 'stuff' in your pockets?

If you were to use one, what features would you like to have?

I started using such a case some years ago and found that I had to make one because they didn't seem to be available otherwise. Please understand that I'm not talking about a belt pouch but a protective 'thing' to go in your pocket.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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My daily pocket knife rides in a pocket that doesn't have keys, but my daily pocket knife also isn't something that's uber-nice; it's a tool. I have some very nice pocket knives, but my daily carry is a Victorinox Swiss Army with tools appropriate to my daily use. It's not expensive and the scales have lots of little scratches, but I love that knife more than ones 5x its price because it's always there, and always has what I need.

That said, I remember seeing little "flack jackets" for Bic lighters that most pocket knives would slip into easy enough.
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Hi Kevin---

Thanks for your comment. My observation is that you can find a 'slip' for a thousand-dollar knife and you can find one for an absolute base daily-use scenario but not for the sort of $50-$150 kind of thing that I have many of and use by rotation.

A $50-$60 knife in a $25 slip case seems not-quite-right somehow. I'm looking for alternatives.

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I carry my grandfather's (to me IRREPLACABLE) stag-handled 4-blade Case folder in a leather case that I got off ebay for 2.99+ S&H.

yours, sw

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Thank you for your kind comment.

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i also carry the swiss with tools- the one with 4 or 5 blades, not the do everything- if i'm out in the bush, it's one of my mk3, model 0 by Camillus-i put in for a new knife every time replacement came up- as for reason- dropped overboard- oops
- ships stores began to get suspicious after the third one-
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