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SOG SEAL Pup , opinions , feedback

Anyone here have/use one ? Feedback wanted .
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If it's the one with the little cut out in the sheath for cutting line and cordage, yep I bought one. I thought it might work for cutting the net wrap off of round bales and still have a decent knife in the truck. Geometry didn't work out like I thought it would so I put it in the pile with all the other sharp and pointy things. From handling it I would have to say it is worth what it costs but I haven't run it through the wringer.

For every day wear I really like Bob Doziers stuff with the horizontal carry kydex sheath. The D2 is harder than a pimps heart but holds an edge very well.
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This style of fixed blade knife, with the sheath cut-out, always perplexed me. If I'm underwater, I'm wearing the sheath attached to me. Line that needs to be cut would include monofilament, poly-rope, or tag lines. The knife would have to come out, anyways I'm not about to drag anything across my body, and BC, to cut it at my waist.

The blade is wicked sharp from the factory, and holds an edge nicely. Not the easiest steel to resharpen, but holds the edge once it's done.

I also own the original, military issue, SEAL 2000, and an original Tigershark, pre-coated blade, and pre-serrated edge section. They are larger knives, with the Tigershark reaching the limits of "knife".

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Re: SOG SEAL Pup , opinions , feedback

Another tick mark on the "scary sharp" from the factory!

Field dressed and butchered three deer before it even started to get noticeably "dull" - still quite sharp.

Like it also because it is useable in size - not a "I have issues with my manhood" size

Sheath can be awkward under pack waist belts, but it does it's intended job.

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Re: SOG SEAL Pup , opinions , feedback

My first Seal PUP had the seki japan blade and a kydex sheath...The first 2 or 3 years I put it to the torture test! I would practice trowing from about 15 feet or so from my intended target, a big ole birch tree,down by my fishin hole on the great miami river...When i first started I d miss a lot or hit the target with the handle end, because of the way the pup is weighted, it takes some practice to be confident that you can stick it every time! The poor pup would go flying off into the jagged rocks hundred s of times literally... IT never even broke the tip off the blade or hurt the handle at all, I threw it thousands of times!!!
Also,used it to dig holes in creek beds with all those little rocks, plunging the pup in the gravel hundreds of times, only polished the blade to a nice patina...hell ,I even forgot and left it summerged in the creek by my campsite and didnt notice it gone for a few days.. and when IT turned up missing I went back and found it there, summerged ,blade shining up at me good as new!!
The knife has out lived its kydex sheath though... I still have the pup and havent ever sharpend it , its a real dull on the blade but the searations will still cut paracord no problemo!If I had a new sheath for it ,then it would still be my carry knife ....
It is what it is though, because of the smaller size and weight the pup dosent chop trees as good as my kabar, AND THE Kabar with its carbon blade could be easily sharpend in the feild with a file or even a rock if need be...but, the pup also way out lived a kabar my torture test proved that....
I liked it soooo much ,I got a new seal pup, with the nylon sheath, that i dont like as well as the kydex. The blade is still marked "seki japan" and the handle still looks the same as my original. Except, that its ingraved or stamped with the New sog logo (with the blade splitting a bullet)... All in all ,the only things I would say to make the knife even better, would be, to ad a brass guard to the pup and a little more weight in the handle or even a full width tang and slab style grips made of the same material as what it has now, with the same checkering and all, and bring back the kydex sheath.......
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Field dressed and butchered three deer before it even started to get noticeably "dull" - still quite sharp.
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