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How to sharpen a "Filleting" knife?

I'm open to suggestions. I've used a Lansky sharpener on everyting else so far, but it doesn't look promising on such a flimsy blade. Thanks for the help UMB
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A butcher's steel will work. You're sharpening it, not grinding a new bevel. Light pressure should allow it to hone nicely.

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I've had good luck with ceramic sticks.
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Any good grade whetstone. Flexible blade needs to be held at a constant angle against the stone, and the flex in the blade shouldn't cause this to be a problem.

Light touch.

Steel is for dressing the edge of a blade and re-aligning it, not putting a new edge on a blade. You can feel the edge align on a steel as you stroke the blade. Once the edge is aligned, it doesn't drag on the steel.

I use a steel on a filet knife all the time, very narrow bladed Dexter Russel 7" used for cleaning razor clams. Whetstone puts a new edge on the blade.
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the lansky works fine on fillet knifes. The trick is to go to the hardware store and get a couple pieces of thin sturdy steel from the metal bin. Cut the to be a little smaller then your blade. Then put the knife blade between them with the edge of the blade sticking out. This will keep the blade from flexing while you sharpen it. This also works with the flexible kitchen knifes.
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for the help.UMB
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Re: How to sharpen a "Filleting" knife?

Stop by your local auto parts store and pick up some 320 grit sand paper and try that on a flat surface. Cheap and works as well as anything on the market.
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Re: How to sharpen a "Filleting" knife?

I guess I'm the cheapest of all. I just use the smooth bottom of my ceramic coffee cup. A couple of quick passes at the correct angle leaves the blade shaving sharp!
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