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Help finding a particular Knife?

I purchased this knife from Smokey Mountain Knife Works When I was about 13 (with my dads permission). It was stolen from the house some time ago (ca.10 years or so by now), and was wondering if some of you could help me find a replacement to purchase. I've already tried google and smky mtn. with no results, I would really like to get this replaced.

In the catalog it was labled as the "Tennessee Pig Sticker" (IIRC), and had a same sized matching bowie knife right next to it. I dont remember who the manufacturer was.

It was either a 24" blade or 24" total, but I remember 24" distinctively.

It had an artificial bone style handle with a brass plate ( you can see it in the picture) that said "Handmade".

The blade was full all the way to the end of the handle ( I forget the proper terminology).

On the box it labeled it in big Red letters "Hunting Knife", I guess to disguise the fact that it was really a giant stiletto.

It had a leather sheath. It may have been fake leather, Im not sure.

It was realatively cheap to at the time, IIRC it was less than $30.

It was really a nice knife, and would love to get a replacement.

If anyone has any info where to buy a new one It would be greatly appreciated.

picture was blurry to begin with.
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You need to work on your googleing skills... ... _front.jsp

Webmaster: [email protected]

Customer Service: [email protected]

Collector's Corner: [email protected]
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ok thanks...I sent them an email
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