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bow speed - longbow vs compound

Im contemplating getting a bow again. Ive never owned a compound, but have shot a few of them. Im kinda partial to the longbow however.

In terms of arrow speed, ive hear the newer compounds will fling an arrow at about 300+ feet/second. How does that compare to say, a recurve with a 55lb draw weight ? I know theres no way to tell exactly, but just looking for a rough estimate.

One paticular compound ive been looking at is the PSE "firestorm". It sure seems compact and handy. I want to stick a big hog with an arrow this fall... :=)
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If you haven't been shooting a bow much lately I'd suggest a compound. A long bow takes more upper body tone. However, either bow type uses muscles that are used for nothing else. You'll have to get your back and shoulder muscles toned up or you will hurt yourself. And you have to practice until you can hit a 9" pie plate every time at about 30 yards.
Have a read of this.
And this.
You'll note that it depends. Compounds can be set up to use shorter arrows with an over draw that increases the arrow speed. Mind you, just like a rifle, the pig won't know how fast the arrow was. Shot placement and not hurting yourself with too heavy a draw weight is far more important.
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The IBO speed that a compound is rated at and the actual speed you will get out of it are two different things. My PSE has an IBO of 295 FPS, but is only shooting about 230 FPS. Longer arrows, shorter draw, heavier shafts, stuff on the string, and draw weight will all affect the actual speed. My good friend just bought a top of the line Mathew's Switchback last week (around $700 for the naked bow). The IBO is 315 FPS, but he is only shooting around 260, and that is with the draw set at the 70 lb max.

The compound is much easier to draw and shoot than a recurve, but some people really like the simple purity of recurve hunting. For pigs, I would stick with a compound unless you are a real serious recurve shooter.

All the best,

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Recurve For Me

I've been wanting a new bow for awhile, having deactivated my archer status for many years. I got bit by the gun bug...repeatedly.

I grew up with a long bow. While I haven't owned a compound, I've shot a lot of them and looked at more.

I prefer the simplicity of a long bow. Friends are always having trouble with the "tuning" of their compounds. Screws to come loose, wheels/cams to come out of true or break.

Shot placement is everything, regardless of what you're shooting.

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Hard to compare.

Compound bows usually shoot lighter arrows faster and flatter. Traditional bows shoot heavier arrows slower. Penetration in game can be very close.

Some actual bow speeds:

Morrison TD Recurve 53#/28"/477g arrow, 187 fps fast flight/182 fps dacron

Morrison Dakota Longbow 53/28/477, 182/177

Sharp arrows, tuned, good release/flight, a 405g arrow from a 45# bow can go all the way through a deer.
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Re: bow speed - longbow vs compound

Was watching a guy shoot his new Matthews compound the other day. 90# draw weight, 30 inch draw, 450g carbon arrows, 308 fps.

Another guy was shooting his ACS/Adcock longbow (about as good as it gets). 60# draw weight, 30 inch draw, 450g carbon arrows, 210 fps.

Then there was me, LaTortuga.

Old Groves Flame Hunter recurve from 1972 at 40# draw weight, 26 inch draw, some old Micro Flite fiberglass arrows from 1972 at 495g, 140 fps. With 325g carbon arrows, 175 fps.
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