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Old 09-26-2007, 01:17 AM   #81
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OK, I have a footlocker full of knives but the one that gets carried day in and day out is a Husky box knife with the folding/locking blade. They're about $10, the blade is replaceable, there's a second edge if the first one gets broken, and if I lose it I'm not upset.

Last time I used it I was scraping some corrosion off the battery terminals on the tractor. You won't do that will your Benchmade!

Local volunteer fire dept. members all use them because they're expendable. If you really need a "field expedient" screwdriver, you can break the tip off the blade. It will cut most things a fireman needs to cut without getting out the special gear on the pumper.

-- I have a nice, discontinued Kersaw 1516, "Oregon" not imported. 440 stainless, P-10 scales, titanium frame. Blade is about 4" and very wide. Kershaw doesn't make the larger "tactical" folders these days. More of the Ken Onion design which is a nice, general purpose utility knife, but not "tactical."
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In my 35 years with Fire/Ems, we went through phases. The 1970's had almost everyone carrying the Buck 110. The 1980's went to Spyderco and Gerber. The 1990's saw a lot of members using the Gerber Gator, as it was large enough to use with gloves, cheap enough to lose/use up, and had a good blade. The 2000's has seen the development of more dedicated knives for rescue, and they are used. The senior members, however, all seem to favor some sort of 3"-4" folder for turn-out gear.

FYI, I used my Spyderco to hack through more than one bundle of control wires as we removed the doors of higher-end vehicles. You won't be doing that with box-cutters. In the late 1970's I used my Buck 110 to literally cut a person out of the windshield of a 240Z. That required a sturdy blade, and finesse.

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We're a small, volunteer dept. out in a rural area. Our last EMS call involved putting a sling on a horse and lifting her out of an irrigation ditch.

Anything heavier than what a box cutter will manage gets addressed by the cutting gear we carry on the service vehicles. Most of what we cut is during "drill" and involves cutting packaging or duct tape.
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Old 02-17-2008, 01:24 AM   #84
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maserin antigua with 440c. Should find something else.
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Re: What Folding Knives Do You Carry

A Carl Schlieper 20SS-DS with stag handle. It is just a bit smaller than a Case Trapper and carries nicely in the pocket.

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Re: What Folding Knives Do You Carry

CRKT Crawford Casper 4"
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Re: What Folding Knives Do You Carry

Spyderco Endura and Delica, Camillus GI pocket knife or Various Swiss Army models (Victorinox and Wenger).
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Old 08-04-2008, 12:09 PM   #88
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Re: What Folding Knives Do You Carry

Victorinox Adventurer and CRKT M16. I wish there were one knife available that combined the best features of both of these.
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Old 08-22-2008, 08:26 AM   #89
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Re: What Folding Knives Do You Carry

Around the farm, a Western/Camillus stainless "U.S." camper. In town and at the office, either a Camillus stainless camper with hardwood scales or an old Case carbon steel camper with jigged delrin scales. When I was younger, the immediate availablity of a bottle opener was important to me. I find I use the can opener more lately-I dont have to hunt through every drawer in the kitchen to find it. I dont know what I would replace either of the two Camillus knives with if I had to, since Camillus is gone.
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Re: What Folding Knives Do You Carry

Well, I do kinda rotate thru a selection depending on my mood, attire, and depending if im off-duty or on-duty. Ive always got a Spyderco Spyderfly balisong in my front left pocket, a Benchmade Mini-Ruckus partial serrated auto-opener in my front right pocket, sometimes a Gerber box-cutter in my change pocket (just for cutting tape and what-not), 'course ive always got a SAK in my carry bag along with a Coldsteel Natchez Bowie when im at work patrolling our wonderful city. I just started carrying the Bowie, I usually carry a Coldsteel Recon-Tanto (amongst other large blades) for hackin' thru rough stuff. "Course thats not including firearms.
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Here's a few of mine I carry from time to time.

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