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Storing blackpowder in a car

How dangerous would it be to store a small amount of black powder in my car? Should I be worried about it spontaneously combusting due to higher ambient temps?

The reason I ask is because I'm considering keeping a loaded blackpowder revolver in my car (I can't keep anything else because of my state's stupid gun laws)[/list]
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The heat it is likely to be exposed to is unlikely to cause it to go off.
I assume the "small amount of blackpowder" you will be storing in the car means the amount in the chambers.
I would be a bit concerned about keeping a BP revolver in a car.
Consider where you're storing it, and if there's any possibility at all of some object whacking a percussion cap -- screwdriver tip....small penlight... whatever, if you make a sudden stop, hit a bump. I think keeping it in a holster which covers the rear of the chamber might be a good idea.
Large swings of temperature can't be too good for BP, and remember, it is hydrophilic; during humid times, the powder will pick up moisture and this will degrade it's performance and promote rust in the chambers.
I might also consider if you did find yourself in a defensive situation, some dimbulbs (many criminals fit this description) might not take the brandishing of an "antique" gun very seriously. They might only be more ready to try be sure you're prepared for the consequences.
DO NOT KEEP a flask or can of powder in your glove compartment.
1.) Unfortunatly, you will NEVER be able to reload it in time, should you find yourself in that need, so there will be no practical need to carry around a "hand grenade."
2.) Continuous vibrations or bumps will cause the powder to turn into very fine talcum powder....and this will be VERY VERY EXPLOSIVE. You do not want to get this near electrical junctions, fuses, that sort of thing.
If you feel you must do this, change out the powder on regular intervals. Make SURE to seal the chamber, preferably one of those greased felt wads. Keep the hammer down on an empty chamber, even if your revolver has those safety pins or notches in between the chambers.
I strongly advise the use of a modern gun as soon as it becomes realistically possible for you to acquire one. Cap 'n' ball revolvers are great fun....but you will almost invariably be outgunned if you're in a life-or-death situation and those guns just will not hold even with a modern semi-auto or even revolver.
I don't know how well you know your take the following lightly....if you haven't shot it at the range, I advise you do so so you know how accurate it is. If you've already been doing this as recreation...ignore me. I have simply found some of my revolvers are more accurate than others.
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Everything said above about BP is true, it is quite dangerous to have around. Also, I imagine that you had better still carefully check the state laws regarding having a "loaded" firearm in your car even if it is a black powder one. I would hate for you to take the risks of having black powder in your vehicle only to find some law enforcement officer, and maybe judge, who doesn't care what kind of powder is in it.
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