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Michigan Shooting Oppertunities

This is only a partial listing from a few clubs. If anyone from any other Michigan club would like to have their info included just email your flyers or scheduled directly to me and I will be happy to include you.

Michigan Shooting Events, 2010
Updated January 30, 2010

CMP GSM “The Frozen Chosin Memorial”
2-21-2010 LSC

Varmint League 3-7-2010 LSC

CMP G S M1’s for Vets 3-27-2010 SMGC

M1’s for Vets 4-10-2010 MPRC

Varmint League 4-11-2010 LSC

NRA HP & Rimfire Sporter
4-17-2010 SMGC

CMP Clinic w/Match 4-18-2010 LSC

CMP Clinic Course B 4-24-2010 MPRC

NRA HP 4-25-2010 KRGC

CMP Garand Springfield 5-01-2010 MPRC

CMP GSM M1’s for Vets 5-08-2010 KRGC

Varmint League 5-9-2010 LSC

CMP Carbine Vintage 5-15-2010 SMGC

HP Non Sanctioned 50 Round Match
5-16-2010 LSC

NRA HP 5-16-2010 KRGC

Military Bolt Benchrest 5-20-2010 KRGC

CMP GSV Match 5-22-2010 Chick

CMP GSM M1’s for Vets 5-23-2010 LSC

M1A Match 5-29-2010 MPRC

NRA 80 Rnd. Regional 6-06-2010 MPRC

Varmint League 6-06-2010 LSC

NRA HP 6-06-2010 NSC

NRA HP & Rimfire Sporter
6-12-2010 SMGC

CMP GSV 6-12-2010 Chick

CMP GSM M1’s for Vets 6-13-2010 NSC

Military Bolt Benchrest 6-17-2010 KRGC

NRA HP 6-20-2010 LSC

CMP GSM Match 6-20-2010 NSC

CMP Garand Carbine 6-26-2010 MPRC

NRA HP 6-27-2010 KRGC


CMP Rimfire Sporter 7-03-2010 Chick

CMP GSM M1’s for Vets 7-10-2010 KRGC

NRA HP 7-11-2010 LSC

NRA HP 7-11-2010 NSC

Military Bolt Benchrest 7-15-2010 KRGC

CMP Camp Perry Prep
M1’s for Vets 7-17-2010 SMGC

CMP GSM “Camp Perry Prelude”
7-18-2010 LSC

NRA HP 7-18-2010 KRGC

CMP GSM 7-25-2010 NSC

CMP GSM M1’s for Vets 7-25-2010 MPRC

Military Bolt Benchrest 8-12-2010 KRGC

Varmint League 8-15-2010 LSC

NRA HP 8-22-2010 NSC

AR-15 Day 8-22-2010 MPRC

NRA HP & Rimfire Sporter
8-28-2010 SMGC

CMP GSV M1’s for Vets 8-28-2010 Chick

NRA HP 8-29-2010 KRGC

CMP GSV Match 9-11-2010 Chick

CMP “Michigan M1 Garand Championship”
9-12-2010 MPRC

Sporting Rifle 9-12-2010 LSC

CMP Carbine Vintage 9-18-2010 SMGC

CMP Carbine “War Baby Match”
9-19-2010 LSC

NRA HP 9-19-2010 NSC

NRA HP 9-19-2010 KRGC

NRA 80 Rnd. Regional 9-25-2010 MPRC

Varmint League 9-26-2010 LSC

Kangaroo Cup Cast Bullets
9-26-2010 MPRC

M1’s for Vets 10-02-2010 MPRC

CMP GSM 10-03-2010 NSC

CMP GSM M1’s for Vets 10-09-2010 KRGC

Varmint League 10-10-2010 LSC

NRA HP & Rimfire Sporter
10-16-2010 SMGC

CMP GSM M1’s for Vets 10-17-2010 NSC

CMP Springfield Vintage 10-23-2010 MPRC

CMP Garand Springfield
M1’s for Vets 11-06-2010 SMGC

Chickowa Sportsman’s Club: http://www.chickowa.org
Kalamazoo Rod & Gun Club: http://www.kalamazoorodandgunclub.org
Linden Sportsmen Club: http://www.lindensportsmenclub.com
Muskegon Pistol & Rifle Club: http://www.muskegonprc.org
Northland Sportsmen’s Club: http://www.northlandsportsmensclub.org
Southern Michigan Gun Club: http://www.southernmichigangunclub.com

More Affiliate Clubs:

Cadillac Sportsman’s Club: http://www.cadillacsportsmansclub.org
Capitol City Rifle Club: http://www.ccrifleclub.org
Western Michigan Rifle & Pistol Club: http://www.wmrpc.com

rifle guy @ LSC
[email protected]
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