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Accidental "Blue on Blue" in Mall Shooting response.

With testimony coming out that a man shot by police responding to a report of a shooting at a mall had a permit to carry a firearm, and was not involved in the initial shooting, I have to wonder where the NRA is.

I would note that not too long ago, a uniformed security guard who also happened to be a black man was shot by responding police after informing dispatch that he was using his firearm to hold suspects.

I would think that these incidents would concern the NRA and other gunowners' rights organizations.

For some reason I have not heard much from them, and I would really like to.

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The incident in the Alabama mall apparently happened when the gun owner did not immediatly release possession of his handgun as ordered. I have heard time and again the admonition "DO NOT BE HOLDING A HANDGUN WHEN THE POLICE ARRIVE" from security experts who advise civilians how to act in the aftermath of a firearms incident.
There are a lot of questions about this remaining. Did the victim raise the gun, causing the police to fear they were being targeted? One report suggested thus, but I can't say it happened.
The police initially believed the victim had been involved in a shooting, which would have heightened their concern he was a criminal. They found out after the fact that he was uninvolved.
The police DID neglect to inform the dead man's family; they found out through news media, a very bad way of finding out a family member has died.
A number of things went sideways. The single take-away remains DO NOT HAVE A GUN IN YOUR HAND WHEN THE B&Ws PULL UP!!!!!!
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