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Originally Posted by stand watie View Post

The VOPO version was essentially the same, except "hand-selected" from the general "pile of handguns", had a trigger job done, nicer leather supplied & each was "proofed" for the SMG 9x18mm round, according to the documents that are extant.
(I suspect that all of the East German MAKs would pass that "re-proofing".)

yours, sw
I was not aware of that, thanks.
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Originally Posted by CaptainGyro View Post
I have to wonder what you're thinking as you sit there with two self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

" more try, then I go take some lessons."
Loooong time ago, I was shown a 2 rounder in a stall in the Pittsburgh Grayhound terminal men's room. First round was an attempt at the classic temple shot, took the eyes out. Kept his hold on the gun and then managed to complete the task with round 2. Quote from the Sgt: "This is how you tell that they're really determined to die."

Couldn't help but think that the choice of venue was probably the definitive statement on rock bottom.
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Back in the day I carried a PPK/s as a BUG in uniform. when I retired went back to a 2 1/2" Model 19. Now my everyday piece is a S&W 332. BUT if I was going to the .380 it would be the original Remington Model 51 which is the slimmest, slickest and most ergonomic pocket autoloader I know.
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Originally Posted by William R. Moore View Post
Couldn't help but think that the choice of venue was probably the definitive statement on rock bottom.
I think you'd actually have to go up a couple of floors from there to get to rock bottom.
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In another of "The Tales of an old breed homicide cop".........

Famously, cops are instructed about how to deal with the gun when visiting a public rest room.
DON'T's are hanging it on the door coat hook. People are known to walk down the row and reach over the door to grab whatever is there, and guns have been lost that way.

Another is laying it on the floor, even between your feet. People are known to reach under from another stall and grab things.

Don't lay it on the paper dispenser or the back of the toilet. They fall off and go skidding through the restroom.

In any of these cases you're not going to be chasing them down quickly.

The "correct" thing is to form a hammock of your pants and put the gun in the crotch where it's safe and just leave it there until you're through.

THE LAST THING TO DO is sit quietly on the john absently handling your gun.
People have been known to have accident discharges when "somehow" the trigger gets pulled.

Which brings us to the homicide cops tale.......
He was called to the bus station where an officer had accidentally fired his service revolver while seated on the throne during his lunch break.
The bullet passed all the way down the row of stalls, fortunately not hitting anyone.
He was unable to come up with a good reason how this happened.

Interviewing witnesses, the roof blew off with a roar of laughter when one man stated that when the bullet passed in front of his face, if he "Was constipated before, he certainly wasn't now".
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It may be time to consider up-sizing just a little. Pondering the P225,
Anyone got any input? opinions?
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I would take neither love nor money for my P225, which was surplused-off from the German Forest Service. = VERY accurate & "just my size".

yours, sw
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Originally Posted by M118LR View Post
It may be time to consider up-sizing just a little. Pondering the P225,
Anyone got any input? opinions?
The 225 was a magnificent pistol in it's day. But I think if you're going out to buy all new, there are some better options for a carry gun (not that the 225 is a bad option by ANY stretch of the imagination).

These days, for the same size, you can have less weight and more ammo. If you like DA pistols the CZ P01 or P07 comes quickly to mind. Of course the Sig P229 is always an option. And if you're not afraid of striker fired Tupperware guns, there's only about a dozen that are lighter, more compact, and carry more ammunition on board.
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