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I usually carry a LW Commander and two reloads, sometimes with a 642 in my left pocket or a tac bag I use a a murse (I found a pouch for 30 rd AR mags holds a travel cup of coffee real well). I am kinda sorta disabled and walk short distances with a cane or in a wheel chair, so a man purse is pretty practical.

I am something of a gun slut, and will switch from revolvers to autos at a whim. I just don't feel I am at a real disadvantage with different guns. Never been shot at, but have qualified and competed with autos and revolvers of different makes and models and it just hasn't ever been an issue.

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I once carried a SAA with 5 beans in the wheel. I didn't feel at a disadvantage as I could hip shoot from a draw at 15 paces and keep all rounds in just over a fist seized group. Oh, I spent a lot of time getting there but it was fun.

Today I aim for a modified Sykes-Fairbain stance using the gun to sight, not the sights themselves like Jim Cirillo wrote.
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A S&W 49 in pocket with a Speed Strip on the other side has been my Little Friend for many years.
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