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Old 06-01-2010, 10:49 AM   #21
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Re: How many guns are in your CCW "remuda"?

"Remuda" -- a group of wild horses from which cowboys select their mounts. Works fine in this context, even has a certain "Je ne sais quoi."

I've a stable of horses and I ride them all. They're like children; I don't have a "favorite." Some are like draft animals. Some are for racing, and a couple are "show ponies." I accumulated a few of them looking for "the perfect carry gun." Some of the "big stuff" I carry for outdoor recreation with a large jacket. Open carry is an option here.

45 ACP Springfield XD "Tactical" 5" w/ Glock GTL 21 laser.

Smith & Wesson Mod. 10 heavy frame .38 / .357 4" bbl. ported.

Smith & Wesson Mod. 60 .38/357 snubby, bobbed hammer.

Smith & Wesson Mod 629 .44 Mag. 4" bbl.

Ruger "Security Six" .38/357, 7" bbl.

NAA Guardian, 32 ACP

Kahr MK9 "Elite"

Springfield "Mil Spec" 1911A1

Springfield "Ultra Compact" 1911A1 "Loaded" (night sights)

Uzi Baby Eagle (Jericho) 9mm Compact (night sights)
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Re: How many guns are in your CCW "remuda"?

My wife's are also included in these.

Kimber Ultra CDP II 45acp
Kimber Ultra CDP II 9mm
Kimber Eclipse Custom II
Kimber Stainless Pro Raptor( on order)
Sig P238 Equinox
Sig P238 SAS
Glock 26
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Re: How many guns are in your CCW "remuda"?

Glock 19 (Gen 3) in a Raven Concealment System's Phantom OWB.
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Re: How many guns are in your CCW "remuda"?

Govt. Model .45 ACP
Govt. Model .38 Super ACP both in thumb break belt slides
Browning .380 BDA in a thumb break belt slide
Charter Arms .38 snubby in a Fist holster
Baby Browning .25 Auto in a clip-on holster when I'm not worried about anything too much.

My other guns are all Ruger revolvers, .38/357, .45, .22 and a couple of cap and ball .454's. Too big to carry except when hunting.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, a DWM Luger in 9mm in a homemade holster.

Then there is my wife's gun, a .327 Fed Mag

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Re: How many guns are in your CCW "remuda"?

Originally Posted by BobMac
Baby Browning .25 Auto in a clip-on holster when I'm not worried about anything too much.
I have never been able to locate or derive the formula to calculate when I need not worry about anything too much.

In a period of nearly 20 years, back in California, I experienced four high-threat incidents under a wide variety of circumstances, including a carjacking attempt, in broad daylight, on a major street. I was armed in the last three and was forced to draw but not fire in the last incident (a robbery of a computer store where my computer was being repaired as I watched). I always emphasize that the common factor in all of them was the lack of a certified letter, telegram or phone call advising me that I would be put in harm's way that day or night.

I am never sure whether to envy those who can predict danger better than I can or if I'm better off simply to go day by day, with the same guns in the same holsters.
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Re: How many guns are in your CCW "remuda"?

Spwenger, I do agree with you about "notification" but in the last 85 years I have never been in the situation where I needed a gun. I've had my CCW for 55 years, NY and PA.

The old addage of having it and not needing it is true. BUT I only carry the BB .25 in the confines of my home. There are just too many people here to wory too much. If I need somethig bigger they are within arms reach all over the house.

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Old 12-30-2010, 06:00 PM   #27
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Re: How many guns are in your CCW "remuda"?

The Davis .32 and the Springfield 1911 have been culled from my remuda, put permanently out to pasture. I hope to add a Ruger LCP or KelYTec P32 soon.
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Old 12-31-2010, 04:03 AM   #28
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Re: How many guns are in your CCW "remuda"?

Here in the land of Spandex and Shorts, I go for a Kahr 9094, S&W Mod 38 (Older model in .38 Special) or the Ruger LCP with which I am still working.

The LCP needs a bit more stability. I can only get two fingers on the grip. Come the first quarter next year I'm looking at one of the new extended Kel-tec magazines to give me the finger on the butt. ... -magazine/

Who notes the local goblins travel in packs and gang activity in Jax is up.
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Re: How many guns are in your CCW "remuda"?


Glock 19 Gen4 (recently acquired, and favorite of the 3)
Rossi .357 snub
S&W 1911 Govt. (only in the Winter season..)
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Re: How many guns are in your CCW "remuda"?

Ruger SR9c in a Kholster - very comfortable, not even my wife knows when I have it on
Taurus 617 in a sticky pocket - 2", 7 rounds, actually fits nicely in deep pockets of heavy pants
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Re: How many guns are in your CCW "remuda"?

to all,

just ONE = my TRUSTED/ACCURATE (BRD police surplus) 9mm Sig-Sauer P-6.

i also have "always nearby" a 4" Colt's Cobra
an OLD/tired Model 10 S&W, 38SPL, 4" in the truck toolbox.

yours, sw
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Old 05-19-2013, 08:04 PM   #32
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3, but the LDA .45 Commander length is used very rarely. It's really just a deer hunter, combat match and practice gun. the EDC is the Diamondback DB9, the "practice spare" is the Keltec PF-9, with a Twisted Industries .22 unit for the Keltec. Front pants pocket holster/carry for the 9's. Made and designed by me, out of kydex plastic, with Velcro tabs on the rig and in my pockets.
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I have several 1911's in .45 acp and 10mm I carry [IWB]
and I choose the full size Government models; when I run
I carry my 3" Colt LW Defender .45 acp.

Here's some of them I carry

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I have a lot of guns because we teach a safety-selection course and let the student fire 12-15 different firearms in it.
However My stable for serious carry are 1. HK P2K and Glock 19 that I've attended many classes with (LFI 1,2,3 Advanced MAG instructors course) at least 10 other courses.
2. Back up, DB 9 that I've done the proper modifications to the magazine and this is now a shootin' Diamond., Smith and Wesson J Frame.
3. Bug out bag, a Sig 229 in my M-4 bag.

Of course I train constantly with all of them.
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Originally Posted by spwenger View Post
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines "remuda" as:

the herd of horses from which those to be used for the day are chosen
My remuda consists of a couple of Colts. A Pony in .380 ACP as my daily in my jeans front pocket or the Government Model if I can wear a coat which isn't often here in San Antonio.

Stand, if you ever decide to part with the S&W Model 10 let me know.
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OLD thread, but Okay.

For many years I carried a LOT of different guns, mostly various Colt .45 auto models.
Sometimes it was because I was road testing a new holster design, sometimes just still looking for the "perfect" carry gun, or just because like many people it was sort of a hobby and I'd get the urge to try something else.

Finally after years I settled on two guns: A limited production S&W Model 66 with the 3 inch barrel, and a Kahr Arms K9 stainless.

Finally I went with the K9 exclusively, following John Bianchi's maxim "One gun, One holster, One carry".
That eliminates any possible confusion about what you're carrying, how it operates, and where it is, if you're under stress.

I have one gun, that I carry in the same holster in the same place all the time. No confusion or fumbling.
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5" mixmaster M1911A1 (yes, true A1, with the arched MSH--it fits my hand better than a flat) on an Essex frame/slide kit.

Beware the man who only carries one gun, as they say, he probably knows how to use it... LOL
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These days it's a .45 or a .45...
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