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The International Ordnance MP2 (Raw Deal)

Some time back I was wondering about one of the guns that Arnold S. uses in "Raw Deal." I saw a clip on Youtube of his preparing for his final assault on the mafia, and one of the guns looked like the Goncz/Claridge Hi-Tec he used in "Total Recall." Central hand grip, round body.

Except this was a different piece, and someone ID'd it as an International Ordnance MP2, saying it was made up of "...pretty much a short sten tube with a MAC-11/9mm mag well fixed to it" and it sounds like an interesting fusion of two designs.

The clip in question is on YouTube at:


<) ... i_58446486
And of course:

Today there are a bunch of other contenders (Red dot, holo sight, fiber optic sights) that could be doable, the trick would be having it be compact.

Just a neat little weapon. Would it be too late to overturn that silly open bolt thing and get semi auto ones for plinking? (yeah, I know, silly question.)

Of course I would also want a side mounted laser pointer and maybe a foot long stainless steel bayonet tack welded on the front.
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Re: The International Ordnance MP2 (Raw Deal)

we had one walk in off the street at the gunshop way back when, it was a POS< complete JUNK. the tube was battered where the bolt handle would strike, and if you pushed forward on the safety when pulling the trigger, it would do a mag dump. That was as far as I could see, a design FEATURE, as the cut out for the safe lever was far too long than what it was needed, and pushing it forward would allow the disconnector to work, until the slamming of the bolt would trip the sear. It took more guts to shoot than I would have now... it was a spot welded abortion.
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Re: The International Ordnance MP2 (Raw Deal)

Thank you. I just had to ask.

I guess I should have been tipped by the fact it is the one gun Arnold uses in the movie clip that he doesn't hit anything with.
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Re: The International Ordnance MP2 (Raw Deal)


You might try the "Raw Deal" page on the

they have the weapon listed as a probable Cellini-Dunn SM-9. As far as it being an International Ordnance MP2. That was posted by an unknown user and as such should be concidered Questionable until a registered user gets some form of confermation.
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I'm also a little fascinated by this gun. My research found that Vito "Tutuc" Cellini is listed as a co-designer of the Cellini Dunn SM-9 and the The International Ordnance MP2 machine pistol designer. So, both pistols are basically the same. I even found one of Cellini's patents for the MP2. He seems to be an interesting guy. Here is a published biography of the dude ( He was working with the CIA and Guatemalan guerrilla fighters when he designed these guns, which might explain why information about these particular firearms remains sparse. Limited commercial production happened in the 1970s and 1980s, making online information mostly nill. I've had to go old school in a real library.

The MP2 was to be manufactured cheaply and/or in less-than-well-equipped workshops and distributed to "friendly" undercover forces. Much like the FP-45 Liberator pistol of World War II, it could be discarded during an escape with no substantial loss for the force's arsenal. So, when guntotin_fool says,
“ it was a POS< complete JUNK,”
that makes sense.

I found this YouTube mini-documentary on Vito Cellini. At the 17:44 point in the video, they show folks shooting what I think is an MP2. It's cool as hell.

Also, plans for buildings the M2 are readily available on the internet under 9mm Bullet Hose:

The Welrod Mk IIA also has a similar silhouette and was designed for similar black ops needs. However, it is a single-action bolt design.

Well… I hope this contributes to the conversation. Thanks.

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Did you notice this thread is fifteen years old? I think the conversation is probably over. But welcome to the forum some good folks here.
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