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Midnight Sun 12-13-2008 07:29 AM

CLEO's questions & comments when signing my form 1
filled out the form 1 for a SBR AR-15 I want a 11.5...his question was "why do you want one of these?" my answer was "to inhance my private collection...and I think they look cute" he smiled and took out his pen and signed me off! :D ..then said "this will be the FIRST legal one of these in our town" my repley was "so i'm making local history thats cool... and you've siezed illegal ones"...he says "yeah have a room full upstairs"...anyway mailed my form 1, complince form and fingerprint cards all in duplicte with my $200.00 check yesterday now its a matter of waiting...

assembled lower $330.00
11.5 complete upper aprox $450.00
tax stamp $200.00
finger prints $35.00
postage $3.77

owning a legle SBR Pricless

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