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say I wanted a silencer...

Ok, this one's kind of a research post. Say I wanted to legally own a silencer for my Sig 229 .40S&W. What red tape and legal avenues would I have to go through? Then where would I get the silencer, and how much would it all cost? Moreover, would it define my pistol as a class 3 weapon? Its also my carry gun, and I'd rather not make it a PITA to own.
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If there legal in your state fill out some paperwork have your local Le sign it furnish a photo and two sets of fingerprint cards and 200 bucks to the BATF plus whatever the dealer wants for the suppressor and then wait 60 to 90 days. It is very easy and a good dealer makes it go smooth as glass.

I would find out where there is a class three guy near you and go have a good chat with him/ her. They will lay everything out plain and simple.
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Ok, first thing you need to do is find a dealer. Johnathon Arthur Cernier does suppressors, so do a number of other companies including Knight Armament (KAC) & AWC System Technologies. Search the internet and check out their websites. You'll also need a barrel long enough to be threaded for the suppressor.

If you decide your wallets fat enough ( a total of about $1K), then and only then do you pick up the paperwork from either the dealer or BATFE. Figure 6 months after filing the paperwork to pickup your new toy. There's a bunch of requirements peculiar to NFA weapons you'll have to abide by-especially with respect to state lines.

Some local law (not just in PA) simply refuse to do the paperwork, thereby making all of this moot.
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Add Gemtech and SAI to the list of suppressor manufacturers.
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1) First you find a dealer in your state that has what you want. The AAC Evolution is probably the best you can buy.
2) Pay for can, retrieve serial number.
3) Fill out 2 copies of Form 4, drop them off at your sheriff's office and have him sign them.
4) When you get the forms back, attach pictures to Form 4s.
5) Get fingerprinted (2 copies, BLUE fingerprint cards)
6) Fill out Certificate of Compliance
7) Put all forms, cards, and check for $200 in envelope and mail to ATF.
Wait 2 months.
9) Enjoy

Some dealers sign their portion of the Form 4 when you initially fill it out, others wait until the sheriff has signed off on them. I like using a personal check because you know when it clears if you have online banking thereby giving you a little bit of a progress report. It initially looks like a hassle, but after the first time it's a breeze.

If your sheriff won't sign off on the forms, there are several other officials that can sign it. If all else fails you can form a corporation or living trust. If you do that, you don't have to submit prints and photos but you have to keep the trust/corp current.
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Or you could bypass the local LE and create a revocable trust and put the can or any nfa item thereafter in the trust. A trust is a legal entity that obviously does not have finger prints nor a photo. You are acting on behalf of the trust so your fingerprints and photo is not needed. However some states require one to file the trust (any trust not just one pertaining to firearms). There is more info on how to do it at
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Re: say I wanted a silencer...

A silencer does not make your pistol a Class III weapon. The silencer is the Class III item. Just dont weld it on.... Take it off and feel free to use your pistol as you have always used it. One thing missing in previous posts. If you do get a silencer you need to make several COLOR copies of you Class III approval and Tax Stamp. Put original in safe deposit box, have at least one copy at your home (where you keep silencer in safe if you do not store it in your safe deposit box) and one with you at all times when you have the silencer either on or off the gun outside your house. It is reassuring to know that if you take it to a range and a law enforcement officer sees you fiing with it attached that you can produce a copy of the Federal Govt.'s permission that you can posses the little can.
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Re: say I wanted a silencer...

Originally Posted by rfly2dive
If you do get a silencer you need to make several COLOR copies of you Class III approval and Tax Stamp.
Same form.
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Re: say I wanted a silencer...

Originally Posted by Travismaine
If you do get a silencer you need to make several COLOR copies of you Class III approval and Tax Stamp.

it does not have to be a color copy. The way I went about it, and it cost me zero cents to make it............ I took my original form to the bank I deal with, they copied the form and notroized it as a true copy. I carry that copy with my SBR and keep the orignal at home in a safe place.

check with bank you deal with, a lot of them provide that service free for their customers, like mine does.
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