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Recommendations for Full Auto Weapons

I've collected millitary arms for 40 yearss and have a C&R. Recently I've developed an interest in optaining a full auto weapon. I don't have any thing in mind, I was hoping for some recommendations from those of you with more experience. I usually hang on the M1 Garand or Carbine forum, looks like you have a nice forum here also.
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I don't own any as of yet or live in a state where I can have one legally.. but I'm going to be in the future. I've given it some thought. I'm locked between the thompson the m2 carbine or the m16. but I've got plenty of time to decide heh.
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Let your wallet dictate your choice. Class 3 is expensive!! The M2 Carbine is still reasonably affordable, as you can buy military converted carbines, or overstamps, where the rebuilding arsenal converted the Carbine to M2, and overstamped the receiver's M1 designation with a 2.

The Reising Model 50 submachinegun is another affordable weapon. While they have a bad reputation, due as much to being pushed into production under WWII exigencies as anything else, they are reliable guns in civilian or LEO service. .45 caliber, and fire from a closed bolt.

Both of these weapons can be purchased for $6000 or less per gun. The Thompson is twice that, and more. The true M16 three times that.

Be careful of what are called "sear guns". While mechanically fine, they represent a sear and fire control parts, registered as a kit. Should anything in that kit break, BATFE requires that the "original manufacturer" replace it. That can be a problem, as many of these manufacturers are no longer in business. It could render your investment a wall-hanger.

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The sear option at least an H&K sear gives you benefit the others do not. The sear is the MG and as such can be used in any " host" you own. One sear can turn any H&K trigger group to a mg. Still not a cheap option as H&K sears are somewhere around 10 grand now.
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Re: Recommendations for Full Auto Weapons

The Sten is an inexpensive SMG with inexpensive parts that are readily available. It has a reputation for unreliability, which is a bit silly to me. Of all the Stens I've encountered (which is a lot - I used to work for an importer, and we imported thousands), literally all of them worked just fine.
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Re: Recommendations for Full Auto Weapons

Which ever one you decide on, just make sure spare parts are available. Many foreign weapons parts have dried up, and when you do find them they are super expensive. I don't even fire my German MP40 any more for that reason. I would recommend US made weapons as parts are still fairly easy to get for most of them. The only one I have that I hardly ever see parts for is the M3A1 Grease Gun.
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Re: Recommendations for Full Auto Weapons

Here's my 2 cents. Go to Knob Creek in October (Kentucky). Talk to as many people as possible, watch the firing line, go back and talk to more people in the tents. I decided on a Colt M-16 as my first MG. Then added a Rick Kuehl upper with Ciener conversion kit so I would have a dedicated .22 cal upper and a cheap/fun way to fire full auto. Then I got a XM look alike upper to make it look like an early Vietnam era CAR with silencer (non functional) and triangular guard in .223 cal.

About a year later after much research I found 2 1928 A1 Thompson's and did not know which one 'was the better investment' so I took pictures to the NRA Annual Mtg. Showed the pics to Traci Hill and he said either one was a good choice. Once again there are .22 cal conversion kits available for Thompson's and I love their history. Then I joined the Thompson Society and never regretted my decision.

Pick the gun you like. I do not look at them as an investment even though they keep going up in value. If Obama gets into office and Democrats rule House and Senate these guns could be legislated out of existence for civilian ownership with the stroke of the pen overnight. Put them in a revocable Trust you have your attorney draw up and include all lawful over 21 yo members of your family as members of the Trust. That way not only is each member legally allowed to be in possession of the weapon but when you die there is no transfer required. Again I suggest talking to as many people (owners, collectors, and lawyers) to get as much info. as possible and you will not regret you decision.
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Re: Recommendations for Full Auto Weapons

It will soon be a year since I started this thread and I've looked, discussed and fired many different smg's. I think the Thompson is going to be my pick. I'll know more after National Gun Day/Military show at Louisville, KY on December 13th. I'll post the out come.
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Re: Recommendations for Full Auto Weapons

I did the trust route and bought an AC556, which is the full auto mini 14. I have had no troubles with it at all but last year I sent it back to the factory and they did a complete tune up on the gun

I like the idea of warranty/service work done by the factory. I paid about $5,500 with a lot of extras.
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Re: Recommendations for Full Auto Weapons

My brother got himself into trouble and I am in the process of getting some of his NFA "toys". My sheriff has signed my form 4s. I won't be able to keep them all (pay my brother for them so I will need to eventually sell most), and while it is not may be my absolute favorite of what he had I am planning on buying his M16. Why, because there are conversion kits for 22 lr as well as other calibers. I already have an 9mm and .22 uppers for the M16 platform, so it is the logical choice for me.
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Re: Recommendations for Full Auto Weapons

Hands down, the M-16 was my choice. It is quite simply a total weapon system. With one registered lower you can add 9MM, .22, short barrel, heavy barrel, etc. There is literally no end to the gadgetry you can add to your system. When I gave mine to my son, he had to borrow a pick up to haul all the stuff home! I also liked the UZI which I also gave him. Whatever you get it will be a good investment. BTW, I paid $1,250 for the M-16 in 1988 + the $250 tax.
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