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m-11/9mm barrel question

I have a registered, made from a flat, m11/9mm. On the ATF1 form filed in 84, I am listed as the manufacturer of the machine gun. Also on the form is caliber and barrel length of 5.5 inches. The barrel is pretty shot out and needs replacement. My question is can I install a longer length barrel or am I commited to keeping the 5.5" barrel?
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Obviously the best thing to do is call the NFA branch and ask them, or better yet have them send you something in writing. However, it really doesn't appear to be an issue. My M11 is on a Form 4, but it's got a Max-11 upper on it and I've never heard of any paperwork being required to put a different upper on. The Max-11 and Stoney Creek Suomi uppers are pretty common and there hasn't been a problem with them.

If it were registered as an SBR there may be an issue, but since it's a MG I think you're fine. Of course, I'm not a lawyer and I do not work for the ATF so this advice is worth about what you paid for it
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Thanks for the reply. By coincidence I received a written reply today from the NFA branch. I called and explained what I wanted to do. The questions they asked me was "what was I going to do with the old barrel" i.e keep it, sell it or dispose of it. Since I was going to keep it, my letter to the NFA should specify that I want to add an additional barrel (using the word additional was important to them.) They were very polite and helpful in what I should write.
It was also explained that on my ATF #1, there was a space for barrel length, which was listed as 5.25". If I was questioned by law enforcement about my smg with a 10" barrel and produced an ATF#1 with a 5.25 barrel, I'm the one that is going to have to explain the difference to the officer. The current letter is on Justice Dept. letterhead and is an acknowledgement that I have a registered smg serial # XXXXXX with two upper receivers of barrel lengths of 5.25" and 10.0" They suggested I make a copy of the letter and carry it and a copy of the ATF#1 whenever I shoot the gun, which is often The letter I wrote was to the NFA in WV.
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Interesting. I think the biggest problem you'd face is finding a LEO that actually knows what a Form 1 (or 4) is, much less can interpret it. If they don't know what the law is regarding MGs, your Form 1 isn't going to save you any hassle. Neither is the letter they sent you.

I'm in law enforcement, and I'm the only one in the office that has any idea what NFA laws are. I'm slowly educating everyone - a few have even fired some of my stuff
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