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FN P90


AM in a bind. Need your assistance. To anyone out there who has experience with Fabrique National's 5.7x28MM P90, where may I acquire extra mags, accessories, reloading dies, and bullet moulds for this caliber?

It's not a purchase gentlemen it's an issued item but we have to spend for the practice ammo. That's how it is here.

Any information, such as tips for reloading or whatever comments you have, is very much welcome.

Thanks very much.
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magazines and accesories you should be able to buy from FN directly, as for the die, MIDWAYUSA has that

http://www.midwayusa.com/eproductpage.e ... mid=816782
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Thank you


Thank you. That's been a big help. Will just google for loading date. Already saw the midway site, in fact already printed it for hard copy reference.

Anyone out there have any experience with the P90? Advice on how to use it? The training they give is we believe not exhaustive enough. It seems the purchase does not come with training. It was more of an orientation on the weapon. It isn't FN's fault, we're serviced by distributors here more concerned with sales.

Thanks again
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Your weapon is a PDW, Personal Defense Weapon. FN markets it as a replacement for the pistol. The caliber is exceptionally good against soft body armor at closer ranges. Ammunition is currently available from Hornady, and FN. The ammunition, and components, available in America on the open market are NOT the same as FN markets for use in the weapon. America has some less than intelligent provisions on "armor-piercing" ammo for "pistol calibers".

Your local distributor will undoubtedly be able to purchase the military specification ammunition. You'd be better off using that for duty. Hornady sells, IIRC, components, and may be able to provide you with loading data. Use that for practice.

If these weapons are showing up in the Philippines, Armscorp may be interested in making ammo for you.

This isn't a rifle, consider it a long-range pistol, and you'll be quite happy with it.

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P90 Reloading


Many thanks. The P90 has been issued to several elite police forces, known here as the Special Reaction Force. It's the police special forces. It's also for sale for local LEA or Military, even goverment officials if given the special permits. But it costs about $4,000 equivalent here. We are issued ammo but for practice we sometimes have to shoulder the cost. That's how it is here.

With that cost I don't think that many P90 are here yet. maybe in a few years. By that time ARMSCORP mght be producing the ammo. Who knows?

Thanks again.
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