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Shot a Suppressed .45 Today, First Time!

This morning a guy at the club had a brand new suppressed H&K USP .45, and offered to let me try it. How could I say no?

I was impressed. Sound level was about like .22LR fired from a 24-26" barrel--not uncomfortable at all to be around him without muffs on (WW 230 FMJ).

Recoil of the gun was a pleasant surprise. WAY down from the LW Commanders I'm used to! I don't think it recoiled quite as much as the (all steel) Smith 5906 I shot last weekend (WW ball ammo). I'd say the recoil was most like mild to standard .38 loads in something like a 4" M15 or M19.

Trigger pull was a bit stiff, but the gun felt good in my hand, for as big as it was. He didn't have can-friendly sights on it, so all I could do was line up the three white dots and then put the sight picture where I thought I wanted to hit. It shot low for me, but nicely centered.

The fellow seemed to be almost as impressed by shooting my Ciener .22 1911 as I was by his gun. He said he has a 1911 on order and is now talking about getting a Ciener setup for it.

I won't be buying a suppressed USP, but it was fun to shoot. And now I can say I did.
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Glad you liked it. The big reason I love em is no ear protection required.
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What you fired was specifically the USP-45T which is their model that comes with a threaded barrel stock from the factory. They also manufacture/sell a compact version (the USP-45CT).

You did not mention the manufacturer of the Suppressor. I have a AWC can for my Mk23 Socom (civilians could not purchase the Knights Armament can the Socom units use). My AWC is a wet can and the sound level is LESS than a 22LR being fired and it can be shot without wearing hearing protection.
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I forgot to ask or look as to the make and model of the can. The guy made a big deal about it being used wet, though.

It was definitely making less noise than hi-speed .22s out of an 18" or 20" barrel--a LOT less. It made MORE noise, however, than standard vels out of a 26" barrel. I thought it was just a hair less than hi-speeds out of a 24" barrel, but of course without the supersonic crack.

Fellow seemed new to guns, but looked like he had a potful of money. Was driving a new truck, and talked about two or three guns he'd either just bought or just ordered, and had never heard of Ciener, and asked me what kind of gun I was shooting (a 1911). He shot two-handed but was holding his wrist. The center portions of his targets didn't see much use. He seemed like a nice enough fellow but I was in a huge hurry this morning because I had somewhere else I had to be. Next time I see him I hope I can show him how to better use his cool new toys. I will say this for him, he didn't point the thing at me once, which is more than I can say for some of the club's old-timers.
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