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a case full of AC556's

went to a shop today, and I was lookin for Mini 14's. No luck on that, but what caught my eye was this display case of what looked like Mini 14s. Only, why would the one regular looking one cost $9000? Cuz it was a AC556. haha. There was probably a half dozen of em in various forms. A few had 13'' barrels and factory foldng stocks. I pity anyone who fires that thing, cuz they'll probably never hear anything again. hahaha. I would have taken a camera phone picture and posted it, but there's a big sign on the door of the place that says cell phones are a no-no. It was some crazy, cool stuff though. Don't think I ever saw one before. Can't really say as I'd want one, but I do want a mini14.
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Unless they were new, unfired versions, that's about $3,000 over the going price.

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I'm sure the too-high pricetag keeps the riffraff quiet. Besides, maybe they don't really want to sell them.
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that place is where the philly reporters go when they need "expert gun advice" for a story. And everything there is ridiculously priced. they had a bunch of beat up old AK mags marked $29.99. Um, for $10 more, I could get 6 from the sportsmans guide. hahaha. Its a nice place, but it ain't cheap.
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