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Japanese Type 96 Gun

I have a friend who has inherited a Type 96 Light Machine gun. He got from his Father who got it from his Grandfather who was in WWII. The story I am told is the Grandfather captured it in WWII and brought it back to the states. My friend wants to know what it would be worth for insurance reasons, he does not want to sell it. I know nothing about these but I am thinking it is a fully automatic weapon which would require some type of licensing, correct? How would he go about this? If this is in the wrong forum please redirect.
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Unless that piece was registered in '68 or '86 he is screwed as far as it is concerned.
There is no way he can even posess it in complete form.
He could cut up the reciever and sell the parts for a tidy sum.
The magazines are a grand, at least.
Bad news, I know, but they take this a lot more seriously than they did in the old days.
If he contacts the ATF they will just confiscate it if he is lucky.
If not, it is worth a big fine and even prison if he gets silly with it.
Nice pieces, wish I had one.
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He should call the BATF and ask to talk with someone in the Division that deals with the Title II firearms. He will have to give them the serial number and probably his grandfathers name and they will run a check on it to see if it's registered. I did this very same thing several years ago on a registered DEWAT MP-44 that was a war bring back. As it turned out, it was registered. If it's not it will have to be surrendered.
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or torch the receiver and sell it for parts
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Thanks guys. I will relay the info. I was thinking something of the sort but did not know for sure. He says he thinks there is some paper work that came with it but can not find it right now.
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He needs to find out if it's on the National Registry NOW. Don't wait, ATFE has NO sense of humor. If it is, he needs to get his paperwork started NOW. I believe they may take it to "hold" until his paperwork clears, then he may get it back.
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If it's NOT already registered, your friend may get into deep hot water even if HE contacts the BAT men.

Thoroughly destroying the receiver and parting it out may be the only way to salvage some value . . .
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