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suppressed custom

i am 20 now but over the next year i want to build a .30 cal bolt gun and suppress it. my question is about rate of twist and subsonic ammunition. i want to mainly shoot subsonic ammunition but i want to also be able to shoot full power ammo too. what twist rate will stabilize subsonic ammo? i have read on other forums about dedicated subsonic 308 guns using a 1:8 twist. is this too fast? the lightest supersonic ammo i plan on using is 175gr. also does anyone here handload there own subsonic ammunition.
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From Engel Ballistic Research.


For dual use (i.e. both supersonic and subsonic ammunition), the very best compromise is a 1:10" twist rate. Our extensive testing has proven that there is NO accuracy degradation with supersonic high-velocity ammunition, and that with the correct subsonic ammunition, this twist rate will give more than acceptable, sub-minute accuracy.

For use with subsonic ammunition ONLY, a 1:8" twist rate is best. This gives added stability and permits the use of less than optimal projectiles. The use of the 1:8" twist will mean that this gun is dedicated solely to the use of subsonic ammunition.
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