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EOTECH site adjustments...zero...etc..


I have lobbed 230 rounds (40 SS109 by IMI, Federal XM193) down my M4 so far after buying it NIB. I put an EOTECH M552 in the forward position over the barrel via KAC M4 RAS.

I am still having trouble zeroing it and using it co-witness with the front and rear site. Front site is the normal one, rear site is an ARMS #38 Swan sleeve with the flip-up rear site.

I zeroed first the iron sites first at 25meters using a 25 meter target. I engaged at 25 meters and 100 yards....still not quite there yet.

What have you guys done to get the 3 to work best?

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I have the Eotech 512. I had to separatly zero my M4 iron sites (flip up rear) and the Eotech at 25 yards. If you want to shoot bullseyes at 50 or 100 yards, then you need to keep adjusting them accordingly. If you shoot siloettes then you should be OK.
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In have two Eotechs mounted on two Bushmaster flat tops,no mount required as the Eotech has a built in mount.W/the BM flip up BUIS's they co witness perfectly.

I'm not sure why you are using the swan sleeve at all.
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Swan Sleeve I use has the flip rear site, and you have more options of mounting, as the Swan Sleeve has more connecting points than the bare rail on the M4 or M16A4.
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Eo tech / BUIS

Have a similar setup. AR-10a4 carbine using a GG&G AR10 longrail to get the EO Tech 552 out a little farther from my face and over the barrel. I also put on GG&G MADD BUIS and their flip up front sight. They don't co-witness. So I zero'd the BUIS first at 100 yards to print 3 inches high from the Point of aim ( thats a 6 oclock hold on a 6 inch black) and then attached the EO Tech and zero'd to approx 1 inch high at 100 yards. My accuracy/fun load is loaded down a bit ( 150gr SMK with xx.x gr of N135 ) but the muzzle flash is noticibly less and accuracy is 1.5 MOA. Function is flawless. The EO tech AA batteries are the original ones I put in a year ago. I have 4 spares in the pistol grip along with a short screwdriver that will fit the EO tech mounting screw, in case it needs to come off! I actually think I can change the batteries in about 30 seconds, i did practice some when I first went with this setup, but I was not under duress to do so. The unit is suppose to blink on startup when the batteries are down to"20%" power, but this has yet to happen. Think now that I have mentioned it, I will turn the unit on for the next couplle of days, to see how long they will last. Maybe I can change them on the same schedule as my smoke detectors(Jan 1st). Good luck on your project.
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