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AR 15 FDE Kit

Guys I'm new to AR and I hope I'm posting on the right forum. I have LWRC as you see in the picture and planning to install FDE kit on it. I'm having a hard time finding one that will for sure fit my fire arm. There are too many types of butstocks and handguards. I'm not sure which one is mine. Do you think by looking at pics you can give me some info? My entire life I have been only using pistols and hunting rifles but not ARs. Thank you

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What do you consider an "FDE Kit?" You have very good furniture on the rifle, why change? Color can be easily changed with that strange substance called "Paint."

Who keeps his rifles black, shows I do not discriminate based on color.
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I'd agree with Skeptic49. Paint.

I keep all mine black as well - - - - perhaps I should say "original color"; I have a .300 AAC Blackout Sig Canebrake pistol in FDE.
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Have you contacted LWRC for options? It appears you have a free floating handguard that seems to be proprietary. After looking closer, it looks very much like your upper is what they call a "modular" upper. That is, the receiver extends way past where the normal handguards attach. The upper rail appears to be one piece all the way to the far end. OTOH, those tension bolts at the front probably hold something to that cylindrical section just ahead of the mag well.

In short, it would appear that your choices are either LWRC or paint/ceramic finish like cerracoat/cerracote/cerrakote/whatever for the front. LWRC would be your best bet for information about the butt stock.

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