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Building a 7.62x39 AR

I'm building a new AR in 7.62x39. Just for plinking and zombies. I was given a new 16" barrel 1x10. Will anyone help with best bullet weight for this length/twist barrel. Thx in advance.
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with that length and twist your standard factory load will do just fine- just remember 7.62 x 39 is NOT 308, but 311 or a little better- that's if its a European take off barrel- like off an ak or sks or something- best to get that barrel slugged and find out which diameter it uses-the ruger, for instance,uses a 308 barrel, but u can fire factory 7.62x39 in it
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Some info of interest for those who dig the AR/AK Hybrid concept:

Ukraine's New AK-M16 Mashup Rifle Is Symbolic of the Country's Morphing Strategic Reality - The Drive
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I recall seeing that Rock River was doing an 7.62 Comblok but they started with a new lower that took AK mags. Don't recall details, but that might be the way to go. The upper may use a bolt that doesn't end up as barely sufficient.
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