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DavidE 12-21-2011 10:35 PM

A Fun AR Idea: Anyone Built One Like This?
So a while back I got to brainstorming a bit. Colt is in a bad way and I was wondering, if I ran the place, what would I do?

So I thought this up as a fun rifle for sporters and plinkers or a very serious one for our special forces:

The Combloc-15.

While ARs in AK calibers like 5.45mm have been done, this would feature a modified lower reciever and magazine well. It would be a reinforced well that could accept any stock AK magazine, so the operator could use any AK ammo or mags they ran across.

There would be a COMBLOC 1547 and a COMBLOC 1574. They could be in standard AR or M-16 lengths, or CAR-15 or M-4 lengths. Tops could have carry handles or flat rails. Front sections of the barreled uppers could be tricked out with standard accessory rails, and the "feel" would be mostly the same.

The 1574 might be easier to work out, given the adaptation of ARs to 5.45mm caliber in the past. The 1547 in a 7.62 x 39mm caliber would be interesting. It would depend whether I could rework the standard AR dimensions or would need an upper like a shortened AR-10 receiver. The lower would need reworking once again to accept the AK-47 or AKM magazines but that is a given in both calibers. The barrel should be OK, if I could make something with external dimensions close to an “HBAR” AR. The chamber needs to take the 7.62 x 39 pressure, but the operating system should be cool as long as I work the gas system port to compensate.

The end of the barrels could be fitted with a standard AK-74 style muzzle brake, in entry level versions, maybe modified a bit in the “1547” to vent more upwards, though the standard 74 style brake should be fine. In higher end civilian or Military versions the barrel could be threaded, allowing multiple accessories, or a suppressor for special operations, and perhaps have a detachable AK-74 style compensator with a nomex lined compartment in the butt stock to have a quiet place to store it. (This might be “polishing the cannonball” a bit but it would be a neat idea.)

Now, here is where this gun is pretty neat, first for civilian shooters and then in terms of military use.

For a civilian shooter, the shooter would be able to take advantage of the plethora of good, reliable and inexpensive surplus AK magazines out there as well as the 7.62 x 39 and 5.45 mm ammo out there, especially if prices come back down a bit. It may not hit the mid-1990s “blasting ammo” prices again for a while but one never knows, and the magazines have a reputation for reliability. It would also be neat as all. For sport shooting, service rifle matches or plinking it could be quite useful. The sport shooter could also mount any AR accessories, or scopes calibrated for their own ammo types but mounted in a familiar style on a familiar platform, while enjoying the accuracy the AR platform would give them.

For the military, especially Special Operations, this rifle could be really useful. Not only would the operator not have to worry about having to leave shell casings, ammunition or magazines behind as much, as far as deniability, they’d be able to pick up and use ammunition acquired on the battlefield or from local allies in hostile territory and keep going. I’ve heard stories of Special Operators having to grab other rifles once their own supply of ammunition ran dry, and rifles of this type would give them the ability to put in locally acquired magazines and ammo and keep going if they had to. Plus they would have the familiar AR layout they were used to, and the ability to mount all their accessories on standard rails, everything kept standard and easy, except for the caliber and the ability to use any banana magazine, box magazine or drum magazine they can get hold of in Warsaw Pact calibers and maintain deniability “just in case*” or if they need to keep going with local ammunition once their own supply runs out.

So, is anyone else with me, that these rifles could be neat for civilian shooters and darn useful for military ones? One might have to keep it military only, just because I wouldn’t want to put it in every gun magazine or digest if it was kept “black.” Though saying it was a civilian gun project that didn’t do too well or something would be a good cover if the existence of the project came out.

*Ideally, the operator gets in, gets intel, and gets out without anyone knowing and no shot is fired. However rifles like this are useful “just in case” in those situations, and also for operations like our troopers have found themselves in lately in hostile territory where they’re actually looking to find certain individuals that National Command Authority has decided need finding. These rifles have to be looked at with these factors in mind. What if your guy is a tribal type and all of a sudden his guys are wondering if local rivals who also aren’t your buddies took him out?

Daniel Watters 12-24-2011 12:17 PM

Been done: Knight's Armament SR-47.

DavidE 12-25-2011 12:47 PM


Originally Posted by Daniel Watters (Post 524987)
Been done: Knight's Armament SR-47.

Thank you - I guess someone had the idea before me. Neat thing to have about for certain folks, glad they have at least a couple in stock. Much thanks for the find Mr. Watters!

It was interesting that some of the parts like the bolt carrier had to be redone instead of telescoping stuff back, but they got it working which is the main thing. Neat concept, wonder if anyone will ever go with it for a civilian version.

Daniel Watters 12-25-2011 02:56 PM

There are other folks who offer lowers with AK magazine compatible magazine wells.

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