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and I've always had an affinity for either the bushmaster m-17 or their arm pistol- which was the greatest thing since sliced bread when it worked-or the styr aug- trouble was the aug wouldn't take our mags
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I wouldn't hesitate to buy the Fulton Legacy A1 at all; they're well built.
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About the build it yourself idea............with due apologies to Snake, by the time you buy quality parts and the tools and gauges needed to do the job right, you've paid for a rifle by a good maker. OK, if you catch the right people having sales you might undercut the good maker. NO AR maker makes all the parts, they're buying from many of the same suppliers. What do you think happens to the parts that don't pass really tight QC? The product by a good maker has a warranty.

Have a bunch of folks thrown parts together and ended up with a rifle that hasn't come apart (yet)? Yes, but people hit the lottery too. Have I seen rifles come apart? Yep!

Sorry if I've rained on someone's parade, but I've been a machinist, gun smith and spent almost 30 years in a job where our usage of AR pattern firearms was considered "abuse" by a couple of manufacturers. Note: we only needed one experience with Brand X firearms to wise up. But we carefully explained our usage to those who would bid on our contracts and several "names" walked out and we never heard from them again. (No, I don't know the names of all of them, I do know names that work.) Despite our use of excellent quality firearms, we still had bolts break and other parts failures. It's nice to be able to send the problem child back and get it fixed for free.

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it's far better to never have to deal with the problem child in the first place-that's why m y a1/a2 sits at the back of my safe- there's better, simpler designs than that of the m16.ar/m4 whatever- remember this thing has been around for give or take 50 years
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Originally Posted by t-star View Post
btw, now I shoot a TAVOR and couldn't be happier
Let the Lads have thier dreams t-star, operational effectiveness fades over the years with operational commitments and operational parameters! It's called nostalgia, or wanting what others operated during your peek performance. Just because you used or wanted higher operational gear, isn't a reason to crush other folks inspirations.
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