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RRA Car A2 v. Bushy 16"Carbine

Simply which would you choose and why? What are the differences in the barrels in the two. Im not sure which one is thicker, is the Car from Rock River thicker or the Bushy, and what is the diameter of each... My dad and other friends have Bushmasters, and have never had a problem. Can i expect the same from Rock River? And is the hand guard on those Rock Rivers longer then the Bushmaster carbine hand guards? Is the only difference in the bushmaster M4 and the 16" carbine the barrel? Thanks for any input.
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Rock River is building an excellent reputation for quality and value.

Personally, since we now have the midlength option, I wouldn't have anybody's carbine unless I were going to pay the $200 for the federal SBR ticket. The midlength is superior to the carbine in several ways, and if you're considering Rock River, you're in luck because they're one of the very few outfits that makes them.
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i have a rock river arms lower, i got from a seller on gunbroker for $199. and so far it great!!! i out a flat top post ban upper from Del-Ton with a 20" heavy wilson barrel, great rifle!!
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I sent you a pm. I'm wondering if you've decided on which one.
I have a mid lenght RR A2, post-ban with ACE stock, 2 stage trigger gp., and Hogue grip.
I'm thinking about selling for funds for my first build.
BTW, it's had about 100 rds. through. First 20 were barrel break-in.
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Old 03-19-2005, 05:16 PM   #5
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You will wait a long time for a Rock River AR right now.
90 day back order minimum right now.
Wait will be less for the Bushmaster and I can find very few faults with either manufacturers product though personally I would hold out for the Rock River.
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Old 04-03-2005, 11:02 AM   #6
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both are top brands

as to bbl differences, bushmaster uses 4150 steel (higher grade) than rra who uses 4140 steel, but both are sutiable for shooting

also, are you comparing HBARs or lightweights or m4 bbls?
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Can't say on the RR (although I've heard nothing but good about them) I do have two Bushmasters which have both been flawless. I've owned the M4A3 Desert Camo Carbine for almost a year. After a clean and lube I ran (3) three 30 round mags through as fast as I could pull the trigger to see if it would function hot, it did. After the release of the 308 Bushmaster I bought one of those and it is a gentle giant to shoot with a soft push for recoil. Both rifles are very accurate. With an Aimpoint on the flattop you will have a big smile going as you hit fast and hard from 10 yards to 300. Regards
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