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is there an easy to way to remove an M4 forend?

easy forend removeal????
Im trying to install a Surefire 500A and i am having a hell of a time getting my FOreend off my M4

any tricks??
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use the buddy system. while you pull down on the delta ring, your buddy removes the forend parts
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There is also a handy tool out for about $20 that allows you to pull the delta ring back quite easily. Got mine through Olympic Arms, but Tapco and some others also have them.
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You can also use a piece of rope. I used this technique for years until the handy dandy tool was invented. Take a piece of rope larger in diameter than 550 cord, not it with a bowtie over the delta ring allow both the running ends about 12 inches each to hang down. Grasp the rope with one hand and pull down, using your other pop off the handguards
Hope this helps
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+1 for the HG tool. Like having a third hand. If you don't want to buy the tool, somebody on suggested the following (kinda ghetto) single-person method:

Run a plastic zip tie through two holes in the handguard, then tighten it on itself, so the zip tie connects the two holes and the tag end is sticking out away from the HG. Then brace the rifle against a wall/floor/whatever is sturdy, and use both hands to pull back the delta ring. Then use your teeth to grasp the tag end of the zip tie and pull the handguard half away from the barrel. Repeat for the other HG half. Trim off the zip ties and good-to-go. Until you have to reinstall them...
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The handy dandy handguard tool is handy dandy.

But you may find yourself without access to it one day. What happens when you're "in the field" and you need to get the HGs off and your handy dandy handguard tool isn't in your ruck?

Once you get your HGs off, CAREFULLY file down the edge of the rear lips that goes under the delta ring. You shouldn't need to remove more than 1/8" of material from each lip. Remember, the delta ring still needs to be able to grab onto the lip to hold the HG in place.

Removal of that small amount of material will make HG removal a one man job.

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just use the handle portion of a large pair of channel locks.
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Go out and heat up the barrel real good, run three thirty rounders through her as fast as you can. Let her cool a considerable amount of time and do it again. Once she has fully cooled the hand guards are easier to remove without the use of tools. I just take a seat and sit the buttstock on my thigh with the muzzle up, grasp the delta ring with my dominant hand and push it back then easy as snap snap
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