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FNM 82-23 bullet weight / ballistics

Hey Ya'll! Like many of you, I have purchased an ATN digital scope for my .308 rifle. (Rem. 700 Police Model). The iPhone app for the scope allows me to create profiles for every ammo round I use. Each unique bullet profile has a blank for that projectile's ballistics, i.e. drag coefficient, weight, FPS, shape, etc. I have found that data for most of my factory ammo (Hornady TAP) and production reloads (Georgia-Arms Canned Heat). I still have one round I can't find ANY data on: 7.62 x 51 with "FNM 82-23" on the head-stamp. The Portuguese surplus ammo was purchased many years ago in 200 rd. battle packs.

I've read the threads on this forum and "FNM 82-21" was mentioned in passing. Anybody got any dope on this particular ammo?


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If you look at all the ballistic charts, I doubt you'll see all that much difference in drift/drop tables between the various loads. If that's the case, don't worry about it. OTOH, if your rifle has a 20 inch barrel, you're going to have to chronograph the rounds to get the muzzle velocities.

If you can actually shoot the FNM ammo over 300 yards or so, you can get preliminary drop tables to let you get a SWAGed interpolated drop & drift table. If you're trying to get way out there, you're going to have to chrono and shoot the tables anyway.

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