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Question British 303

I have just bought a British 303 and was given 7.62x54r rounds with it I was told that you can fire both 303 and the 7.62x54r round in the gun I just had some doubt about that can some one please help me with this. I respect my guns as if they were my children an don't wanna do anything to hurt them or anyone because of wrong info giving to me.
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NOT a chance. = The two cartridges are NOT interchangeable. - The cases are different sizes, the bullets are different diameters (though a GC cast LEAD 7.62 Russian bullet MIGHT work OK in .303 British), the charges are different & thus incompatible.

Fwiw, I have a Model 1917 Winchester rifle from WWI that was rebuilt in the mid-1930s at SAAD , was loaned to the British Home Guard in 1940, returned to the USA & sold as surplus in the 1970s.
(None of the several previous owners that tried it could get it to shoot decently. - Turns out that the .30-06 barrel had been reamed-out to accept .303 British FMJ bullets by The Home Guard.)

In 2000 my "brother of the heart" actually did a chamber cast & carefully measured the bore & then worked up a "heavy for diameter" .313 GCCB (and a "small game load") for me that is A KILLER on most any American game other than the BIG BEARS "in close cover".
Loaded with a solid or a sturdy jacketed SP bullet over 240 grains, the cartridge is likely suitable for most varieties of African Plains game & the big cats that the well-regarded .318 Westley Richards is deemed suitable for.

I sometimes refer to the resulting WILDCAT cartridge the "7.9x53mm Express".

yours, sw
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however there is a CONVERSION kit that allows the 303 brit to chamber and fire 7.62x54 Russian- the ONLY THING THESE 2 ROUNDS have in common is the BULLET DIAMETER being 311 to 313- from what I understand, it's a job for a gunsmith AND A COMPETENT one at that- at least a re-chamber
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I'm not in my loading area so I'm not sure about the relative pressures of the .303 and the 7.62 x 54R. I would expect that proper ammunition is a whole lot cheaper than replacing the firearm and a possible hospital visit.
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