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.380 carry ammo.

Hi everyone,

I am just getting back into the shooting / carry life after about four years away from it. My little Beretta single stack 85f is full of 4+ year old Hydrashok. I think it is best to put in fresh ammo but what should I use? Is Hydroshok still around? Is there something better today? Thanks for any advice you can give me.

I have the same question regarding .45 acp

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Hydrashok is still produced by Federal. As to "better", that's mostly opinion in today's world.

Cor Bon produces some hot .380, and Remington's Golden Saber, at 102 grains, is the heaviest load available. When my wife carries my Colt Government Model .380, we use Starfie or Hydrashok ammo.

.45 ACP is wide open, as well. The Hydrashok ammo is still well-respected. Gold Dot, Golden Saber, and SXT are all widely used. Your weapon, and you, will be the deciding factors.

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JR, do you have a source for Starfire?

That was my favorite carry round for many, many years!

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I bought as much as I could lay my hands on when the first news of PMC's upcoming demise/reorganization was made in the trade journals.

I did the same thing years ago when Black Talon was all the rage. I still have it in 9mm, and .45 ACP.

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Another thing to consider is changing out your carry ammo every 6 months or so depending on climate. I figure it's a good idea to keep it fresh. Just my .02.
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