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Best carry ammo for .40 S&W

Did a search but must not be using the right combination of words. Anyway, I've been carrying the Cor-Bon 135 gr in my Kahr K40 since I first bought it but was wondering if there was anything else out that might be a better choice now...especially something with a heavier bullet. Hydra Shok 165s maybe?

(Mods, please move this to ammo if that's a more appropriate spot for this question). Thanks
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I like the 155 Gold Dots. Never used them on anybody, so can't say how effective they are.


How's retirement?
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Retirement is good. Only thing I miss about CATM (especially now) is the free ammo and easy access to the range. Maybe we crossed paths somwhere?
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There is no "best" ammo. The best shooter is the one who wins.

I personally prefer the 165 Hydra-shok because it has a bit less recoil but equal penetration and expansion, but the velocity addicts all tout the 155s. Get what you like and shoot best.
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Whatever your local P.D. or State police carry.
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Old 11-03-2007, 11:06 AM   #6
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Originally Posted by sierra69mk
Whatever your local P.D. or State police carry.
So what if they all carry different types of the same caliber?
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  • Many larger departments issue carry ammo. If your local PD uses a mixture of ammo, then remember the feds use HydraShok and Golden Saber. Then there's Federal's and Winchester ammo* tailored to the civilian who carries.
  • Federal Personal Defense and Winchester Personal Protection.[/*:m:k1z8j0u0]
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From personal experience just because a federal agency has something doesn't mean it is best. You gotta remember low bid is part of the equation as well.

For instance most specifications don't even call for waterproofed primers and you would be surprised, shocked to learn how very little water it takes to kill a primer.

Federal agents are not authorities either. I have had three agents come by and tell me their 9MMs had problems. I examined gun and then had to tell them the difference between 380 and 9MM. Yep they were carrying 380 ammo in 9MM! ! ! ! ! Because it says 9MM on head of some of it. duhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ! ! ! ! !

Had a uniformed guy come in one day and he was braggng about his new gun. A Colt Python. I asked to see it, looked it over and handed it back to him and told him "it won't shoot." I got the same response if I had told him his momma was a whore.

We were in a office and I told him to pull the trigger. By this time he was out of the game. I assured him it wouldn't shoot.
Finally I told him to cock it. OK that he thought would be safer. He tried to lay the ear back and hammer moved about 1/8" and gun locked up and by now it was really on.

I had noticed one of his rounds was not properly crimped and had eased forward to where the nose was protruding beyond the front of the cylinder and on the Colt this was the next up cylinder and the bullet hits the barrel and everything came to a sudden stop.

By now he was getting weak in the knees as he said he had pulled the gun on a guy the night before and thought he was going to have to shoot.
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My post stating "Whatever your local P.D. or State police carry." was mainly aimed at litigation.

If you ever do need to shoot another person or rabid animal then at the very least, you have used the same thing as law enforcement uses.

An attorney cannot use some "exotic ammunition" arguement against you to bolster his case.
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