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Is this ammo corrosive?

I have a small amount of what I believe to be Hungarian 7.62x54R. The headstamp is as follows: at 12 o'clock there is the number "21" and at 6 o'clock there is the number "74." I'm guessing the 74 means made in 1974, but I'm not sure. Also the bullets have silver and brown or gold (can't quite tell) paint on them. Does anyone know what that means?
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While we are at it, has anyone had any experience or know anything about this company?

The ".ca" is slightly disconcerting, as I don't think this is an American company.
*edit* Ok, this company is in Quebec. Yet they are the first company that I have seen that has good Mosin clips with ammo. Anyone know about the international shipping regs on ammo? Or should I just not bother?
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How much is a small amount?

I really am shy sbout shooting old ammo that I am not sure about.
Its simply not worth the risk!!!
As for the paint on the tips. It could be tracer, AP, or Incindery.
Head stamp info I am not sure of.

Where did you acquire this ammo?

How was it stored? Do you plan on shooting this ammo?

If you are concerned that its corrosive!!!

2) If you do shoot it, Clean the rifle ASAP.
3) Tracer ammo, you should always clean your weapon ASAP.

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Try this place. They are in Canton, OHIO.

I drive out from Pittsburgh to there atleast once a month.

They have pretty mush everything that you want.

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It was given to me by a friend. By small amount I mean 6 rounds. The ammo is good, it was properly stored and my friend has shot it before, it's just been so long (at least 2 years) that he cannot remember much about it. All he remembers is that it is Hungarian and it is neither tracer nor incindiary.

Actually, having just looked at I noticed that they have ammo that looks exactly alike with the exception of the tip.

Is one of the places that requires you to be at least 21 regardless of what kind of ammo you buy?

Thanks for the info you have given me so far. It appears that I'll just hold onto these 6 rounds for a rainy day.
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7.62 x 54 is easy to come by Stateside. Cabela's carries it. ... 12687.html
Corrosive ammo is no big deal. If you suspect any ammo to be corrosive, just clean your rifle accordingly. Flush the barrel with hot water or Windex first, then clean and oil as per normal. The yucky part of corrosive ammo is the salts in the primer. The hot water or Windex cleans out the salts.
"...that requires you to be at least 21..." That'd be the law. Your local gun shop should be able to get it for you. However, reloading makes the search go away and you get better ammo.
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There has been a bit of Hungarian ammo imported in the last 3-5 years, but always in fairly small lots. AIM has been consistent in acquiring it. They had white box 7.62x54R that was used for final acceptance of small-arms in that caliber, supposedly. I did get some, and it was pretty nice, almost as good as my E.German orange box loads.

It IS corrosive!! Clean appropriately.

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Anything imported as surplus is corrosive. Clean with ammonia to eliminate the corrosive salts in the primers, then clean normally.
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